4. Chena Hot Springs Road at Birch Hill in Fair Banks
Chena Hot Springs Road
An 8.3 mile trail leads to large granite outcroppings near the north boundary of the recreation area, then on to the Chena Hot Springs. Trailhead- The Angel Rocks to Chen a Hot Springs Trails shares the trailhead with the Angel Rocks Trail, located at MP 48.9 Chena Hot Springs Road. Trail leaves parking area naad parallels the Chena River through mixed spruce and birch. At mile 0.8 the junction between the upper and lower loop trail is met. This trial description follows the Angel Rocks Upper Loop Trail. The trail begins to ascend along a small creek to the first rock outcrop.

Overlook views of the Chena River, Angel Creek Lodge, and the Angel Creek drainage can be seen to the west. The junction of Angel Rocks Lower Loop trail and Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs trail. The Trail follows the ridge through open small birch and alder to the upper rock outcrop. The trail climbs through thick alder and talus slope before reaching a sub-alpine ridge of open spruce. It then continues along a ridge and gradually gives away to tundra and views of the Alaska Range and views of Granite Tors to the south, Chena Dome to the west, and Far Mountain to the east. The trail follows the ridge, above the tree line, and is marked by rock cairns. The trail gradually descends below the tree line and passes through two small saddles before dropping down into a third saddle where a shelter cabin is located. The trail descends through a spruce forest. At mile a small spring bubbles up on the trail. The trail passes a rock outcrop which offers a nice view of the surrounding hills.

The trail splits into the Upper trail (goes left), and the Lower trail (goes right). Target practice is not allowed in the Recreation Area except at the mile 36.5 shooting range. The discharge of weapons is allowed only for the lawful taking of game. Disturbing or gathering natural materials is prohibited in the Recreation Area, except for berries, mushrooms, and similar edibles for personal use. Stay alert and cautious of any trapping activities in the area, traps and bait may be located near trails. Children and pets should be monitored closely.

5. The Road out Front of the Haunted Jesse Lee Home in Seward
The Road out Front of the Haunted Jesse Lee
In 1890, the Woman’s Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church opened their doors to provide educational services. As time went on the school become a safe haven for unfortunate children. Many of the children that came there were from broken homes or orphaned. Many of the orphaned had lost both of their parents to s widespread flu epidemic. In 1925, the school/orphanage was moved to the outskirts of Seward, where it was home to more than seventy children and at least ten caring employees.

In 1927, one of the Jesse Lee students, Benny Benson, entered a contest to design Alaska’s state and he won! Benny was thirteen years old at the time. In August of the same year, Benny’s flag was raise for the first time in the state of the Jesse lee home. In 1963, an unexpected earthquake occurred. This is said to be the worst earthquake to take place in the state of Alaska. The Jesse lee home was hit hard and the school suffered extensive damage. Worse than that, more than a dozen of the children were killed by the natural disaster, leaving sadness in the hearts of all who remained and marking the land with grief. With most of the school too damaged to use and beyond repair, the Jesse Lee home was then moved to Anchorage where it is now known as the Alaska Children’s Services.

However, the old home still stands, broken, battered and empty of life, outside the town of Seward. The reports of paranormal activity at the old home are uncountable! Many who step onto the old grounds report the feeling of melancholy. The sounds of little feet running fast them and then the sound of cheering follows, as if these Lingering apparitions are still playing the games that they enjoyed in life. The children lives at the Jesse Lee home good and they were nurtured, happy and well taken care of. I suppose that is why these little souls have made the old home and its ground their eternal play area. As for the structure, all hope is not lost. Apparently, several of the children who resided there, as well as, several organizations, are trying to raise the money to refurbish the buildings. Their goal is to turn the old home into a museum so that everyone can learn about its history and enjoyment may still be found there.

6. The Old Kiksaadi Corner in Sitka
The Old Kiksaadi Corner in Sitka
Sitka – Rookies Corner or also known as The Old Kiksaadi Corner. A woman was struck and killed on the blind corner outside this well known bar in southeast Alaska. It used to be known as the Kik, or Kiksaadi club, but now it is called Rookies, a sports bar. The story says that the woman left the bar and was extremely drunk. She tried to wander into town on her own, which was not an uncommon occurrence in this small town. Often, a taxi could be flagged down or someone who knew you would pick you up along the way. She staggered onto the road on the blind corner, and was run over by a young man who had also been drinking, and was driving a truck. She was so drunk that she actually got up, despite the terrible, atrocious wounds that she had received. She weaved about screaming and dying, not fully aware of what had happened to her.

There had been several witnesses to this tragedy as the bar was closing. Hundreds of people were around, climbing into their vehicles and gathering for an, ‘after hours’ party. It was a horrific scene. Since then, there have been reports of an apparition of the woman seen on that blind corner weaving in and out of the road. She supposedly has appeared to people who are driving under the influence of alcohol, prompting even brave men to park on the side of the road and flag down a taxi. Also, there are stories that in the early pre-dawn hours, terrible moans and death cries can be heard in the same area. The cries seem to be emanating from the bushes that are the cause of the corner being blind.

Those are list above ” most haunted road in Alaska” that people try to get away with it.

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