Whether you believe in ghosts or not, a group of teenagers in Costa Rica has apparently had a chilling encounter after filming a ‘spirit’. After editing video they found “Little ghost” was caught on camera.

Footage which has been seen thousands of times was at first idea to show thrill-seekers who’d allegedly broken into the Sanatorio Duran hospital – a place where reports of paranormal activity have surfaced.

In the video the group can be seen drifting around the decrepit rooms and corridors. They continue researching the building but a brief time later a torch light is directed towards an area in a room where something similar to a figure seems to appear.

The first clip of the teens’ apparently terrifying expedition is six and a half minutes long. But a button now on top of the YouTube footage links to another clip, which appears to demonstrate the ‘little ghost’ was seen.little ghost

Despite the apparition now looking bogus, the 100-year old hospital itself is still a spooky setting, as it is believed to have placed thousands of tuberculosis patients as well as acted as an asylum for the mentally ill.

It’s also been referred to as the “Most Haunted Location in Costa Rica” on a number of websites. Many were quick to call the scenario fake from the beginning.

A rough translation of an opinion from one skeptic wrote: “It looks bogus ! This is what always happens with these videos.” But there were many believers out there also, maybe because of the fact the dilapidated establishment is considered ‘haunted’ by some.

One user who asserts they have been to there wrote: “It’s actually scary (Sic) , and I believe that’s is 100% real. Virtually all the folks that takes pictures there strange things are captured by them on the backdrops. Additionally try and take a look at the 6:32 of the video, do you believe that was bogus too??”

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