Story lines for horror movies are demonically inspired. The source feeding the information into the thoughts of the writers is not upright, and you can bet that there’s lots of black spiritual activity going on in a room when one of these movies is being viewed.

If you simply read that and thought, “That’s insane! It’s only a film,” Keep reading and you may change your mind. It’s not God who inspires individuals to act out scenes of brutal murder in perverted and sick manners, and it’s not God that motivates blood-spattering, gory, anxiety-filled pictures. The source is not angelic.

If you don’t consider devils exist, simply grab a Bible right fast and research it in the New Testament. They exist alright, and they always try to find open doors so that they can cause a mess in your life.horror movies 4

You’re inviting dark spirits into your life if you see horror movies. (even though you may be oblivious of it) When they come into your home, they’re not there to simply hang around. They’re there to cause damage. They desire your life to be miserable, because they hate you. You’re created in God’s picture and they hate God, so, they despise you because you’re His development.

Because the thrill of being afraid is addicting, horror movies are addicting. When you begin to watch and put the DVD in, you’re inviting evil spirits into your house and into your everyday life! The door for spirits of panic opens. They attach themselves to your life and prey upon your mind.

I Thessalonians 5:22 orders that we “Stay away from every kind of evil.” Jesus tells us over and over to “Fear Not.” Jesus does because He understands it’ll draw on the demonic to us n’t want us to have unhealthy fear.
Infirmity is defined as mental or physical weakness. The aim of these shadowy spirits is to bring decay and sickness upon those who are attracted to see the evil, and then to obtain access into lives.

Be cautious about what you allow to fascinate you. What you focus on; you make room for in your life.

Are you focused on evil by seeing horror movies? Afterward you’ve given access for evil to come in, and to affect your life in devastating ways. The number one way that evil spirits gain access into our lives is through opened doors we’ve created for them through our own wrong choices.horror movies 5

God is omnipresent, meaning He has the power to be in greater than one place at a time. Yet, Satan isn’t omnipresent. It’s since he can’t be in greater than one place at a time, and limited while Satan does have power; he uses devils to carry out his plans of destruction in people’s lives.

If you watch horror movies, I guarantee that you’ve got dark, evil spirits (demons) working against you to cause affliction, anxiety, and much more.

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