The Coywolf is actually a type of between a coyote and a wolf, and it’s pretty popular in the Northeast U.S., including New Jersey and North Carolina.

According to North Carolina State University’s Roland Kays, this new type of dog-wolf-coyote hybrid could number in the millions through North America, being most dense in the northeastern regions. Though the term ‘coywolf’ seems to be growing in popularity, the animals are also sometimes called eastern coyotes. ( SOURCE: The Economist )

They are faster, more muscular, stronger, and have bigger jaws, all of which makes them more capable of taking down larger prey than coyotes. These coywolves can take down a deer, for example, while a pack of them can take down something as large as a moose.
After interview with one of our author Lord Rick. He said

This is VERY true no myth here my buddy was telling me about this recently when we had lunch together. These coyotes are far more aggressive and its not the wolf that is the issue. Its the coyote state of mind to attack and hunt aggressively. Over the years I have come across packs of coyotes they do not bother me the least but once you get hybrids in the food chain there appetite grows and they become more daring. Therefore they are a risk to just about anyone including small pets, kids or hikers like myself.

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