I’m from and still live in Mineral Wells haunted hotel. You forgot to add to go on the seventh floor and its supposedly Mr. Baker’s mistress that also committed suicide. I’m 31 years old so back when I was in third grade they were still giving tours of the hotel and they took us to Mr. Baker’s supposed mistresses room on the seventh floor. I want to add also that the day that we took this tour it was it at least 90 to 95° because where in Texas and hell it’s hot hear in Texas. But the mistress was known to wear this lavender perfume and there are many stories of people to have visited Room and have smelled lavender. Well on this hot 90+ degrees hot day we were in the seventh floor room that the mistress stayed in and out of nowhere the temperature dropped and all the windows were closed and everybody in the room all got goosebumps and a gust of very chilled air blew across the room and there was a very strong smell of the lavender perfume. So I just wanted to share this story with you and about three years ago the TV show called Ghost Adventures that’s on the Travel Channel.

Mineral wells haunted hotel
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They also did a investigation but during their interview in the middle of the day they were also on the seventh floor in the mistresses room and they also felt a chill in the air and the smell of the lavender perfume you can actually check it out on one of their videos on YouTube. I also have one more story about a young boy who work in the basement they get caught in the elevator that ended up dying from his wounds I don’t believe his body severed and half like most stories say. But I was on a different drawer if you years later and we were down there and begin it was during a very hot Texas brain I’d say probably another 90° that day so it was very hot even down to Lowe’s part of the Baker hotel but when we came to where young boy he had got caught in the elevator A good cold air and of course everybody got goosebumps again A Gusta cold air swing through in the temperature dropped graphically again it dropped so low that it probably fell about 60° down there so I believe it was that boy spirit that caused that.

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