Many years ago, I was about fifteen or Sixteen, my older brother went into the woods behind the trailer we lived in. Rumor has it that during the late  1980’s early 1990’s teenagers would go back into this huge wooded field, and party. Even do some black magic or Satanic Rituals.


Having lived in that area all my life I can say this, the place was damn creepy. Animals would not walk over this huge section of land, about a twenty foot wide circle, grass would never grow and this tree that was there in the middle, was Dead.

Well, one day, in late summer my brother went for a walk and returned home with this black, charred, horned skull capped  shaped knife. The blade was black with burn marks and dried blood. He said he found it in “The Circle” our younger brother and myself literally, instantly cringed, the hair on my arm stood up and we both reacted as if we had been burned. Our younger brother literally took a step back and said “throw that damn thing outside and don’t bring it back in”  but our brother did throw the knife back outside.

Do not be here

Later that night after we had all gone to bed, our father was on the couch with our resident beagle it was about ten thirty, eleven o’clock at night. I’m in my bedroom, it’s pitch black, and I don’t have a door on my closet and suddenly I get this feeling I’m not alone, there’s somebody in there and it’s staring right at me. I was very afraid and did not want to move but I had too. I had to see what was in the closet. There it was standing in the closet. It was tall, very black, very dark almost like a void, it had a shape but I could not make it out. I got the feeling it did not like me very much and not really being super religious I said the only prayer I know. At the same time I noticed this I heard our dog barking in the living room, he was going nuts like there was something on the front porch and it was trying to get into the house. Our Father gave a shout and I came running down the hallway and made it to the kitchen about the same time as he made it to the front door, when he threw it open and turned on the porch light both he and our dog backed up a step confused, they didn’t know what had happened, my father said that there was somebody standing on the porch but he couldn’t get there in time to see who it was, and there was no way they could have gotten off our porch and out of the way of the light and less than a minute. This went on for 2 or 3 nights, each night somebody was standing in the doorway and each night my father, who is a Vietnam veteran, even said he was getting worried.  At the same time the shadow in my closet was getting worse. It was getting bigger, stronger. There was a distinct smell of rotten carcass that would drift through the air.


Finally, one night, I jumped from bed, being awakened from having my leg caressed, and I screamed “That’s it, your done!” I grabbed a cross I’d had and hung it above my bed. I said over and over the Lord’s prayer. The thing was insenced. It was furious.  I could hear, feel, what it wanted to do to me. It wanted to hurt, to kill me.  That was final night of the shadow on our porch as well. My dad sat up, with our beagle, and waited. It was only two steps away from the front door. It appeared. Our dog, lunged, without making a sound and went straight through, out onto the porch, where my father distinctly remembers hearing a growl. It wasn’t our dog. It was too bassy..too deep for the little dog. There were burn marks on our door…

The next day, our younger brother went out to do yard work. Drawn to the spot where our brother had thrown the knife, he searched for about an hour.

It was gone.

I never had another oppressive shadow, wanting to “rip my guts out” in my closet again. The shadow on the porch never returned.

Demon and ghost

We’ve since left that area. And have all but forgotten this incident.

Except me. Demons, spirits, ghosts, sprites all of them..they have my name and address. They know me, that I can see them. Hear them. Talk to them.

John Zaffas said, “Once you’re touched by the Demonic, they won’t forget you. They will remember. And they will find you.”

Luckily, due to my Wiccan strengths, I’ve been able to keep my demon at bay. But, he lingers, I believe. Waiting for the right moment, to come out from closet.

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