This happened in my experience about three years ago, and it still creeps me out.
So where I live one summer we had a really bad hurricane, it was one of the worst and several people were left homeless due to flooding. Power had been lost by a couple of the towns by us entirely, therefore no traffic lights or streetlights or something either. One of these towns was the dwelling of a huge abandoned insane asylum, and we decided it’d be entertaining to vacation there it was insanely creepy and because the township was pitch black as hell.
So it was me, my now ex-boyfriend, and our two buddies and we park several blocks away and walk. There was an area portion of the location that had a playground and a vintage schoolhouse, in addition to a few houses. We yes in the pitch-black, went yes, on the playground at 3 am and significantly it was the most frightening feeling. But the atmosphere made it so enjoyable with adrenalin and material.
We were just messing about with each other just being dumb teenagers and after that all the sudden we heard a sound in the bushes on another side. The two boys did, although of course us two hot babes were too wimpy to want to venture to see what the sound was. So instead of being left alone we adopted.
We never noticed anything for a while but it was so eerie that every thing was pitch black and all you could hear was crickets. We are beginning to head back to the road that takes us to our car and all the sudden we see a shadow move alongside among the creepy houses. It did not seem like there was something there that will make this shape when we walked past the house, so this side was now in see.
Because it was too dark to know what was around there anyhow at this point we were actually freaked out-but stored convincing ourselves it was only a tree branch or bush or something.
We start walking much and faster pretend nothing was seen by us and strive to get our minds off of it, when we are stopped by my ex’s friend and asks if we noticed something. I mentioned no, they agreed no, but we are standing there in silence waiting and I shit you maybe not we all the sudden hear child laughing that was loud. Like if it wasn’t 3am in an area that is deserted I would put money on it there was a small child that saw some thing hilarious. So we safely leap in and take-off working like we just robbed a bank again by our automobile and drive-away. Fortunately it was not like one of these horror films where the car booths.
None of the properties had any bushes or trees near any of them and there was no Thing around there that could resemble a figure standing on the side of the home O.o we’ve never been there because of child laughing.

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