I‘ve been reading stories on this site off and on for 9 months. I have now determined to join and share my story ( My Ghost Story: Weird things happening in my house ) in hopes that perhaps someone else can help or has had the same experiences shed some light on what is occurring.

I will supply some background information. I am now 17 years old. I’ve lived in the exact same house my whole life. No one has died here. We live in the middle of a big farm. If folks have perished on the property, other than my grandpa who passed away calmly in a separate house on our property almost 5 years ago I am unsure. I’ve been saving animals my entire life so there have been a good number of creatures passing away over recent years.

As far as I can recall I Have always had an uneasy feeling at nighttime, particularly around my house. In all other facets of life I was an incredibly unafraid kid so this uneasy anxiety was out of character for me although I understand that is typical of young kids. It was (and still is) a feeling of someone standing behind me, usually when I am by myself.

I ‘d endless nightmares when I was considerably younger. I had a nightmare each and every night. My home life was not bad, I was never permitted to see horror movies or anything of that kind. I was never exposed to anything dreadful that would’ve affected my dreams. There were tons of chilling ghost and devil-like bodies even though I hadn’t ever viewed pictures with matters in this way. I do not have any potential explanations for it.

On two occasions, both happening when I was 4-5 years old, I saw what I and my brother referred to as the hand that was green. The very first time was. I sat there for a second but had a truly terrible feeling of anxiety. I wasn’t scared of the dark or “things going bump in the night”. I attempted to go back to sleep but I considered waking up my brother because I felt horrible. It went towards me when I opened them and so I close my eyes, it was gone. I’m positive I was awake.Weird things happening in my house 1

The next time this occurred I ‘d fallen asleep in my parents’ room which was right next to the bedroom where the first event took place. Their bed faces a dressing table with a mirror that is big. I saw the green hand in the mirror and woke up because of my father’s snoring. I turned to wake up my mother but when I looked back it was gone. It hasn’t occurred since.

Talking about it afterwards, my brother (he’s a little over a year old than me) told me he used to see the green hand also. It’d constantly vanish if our eyes shut. We attempted to determine if perhaps there was something making but we could not locate anything that would’ve done it.

Of the same feeling of anxiety, when I was around 6-7 years old, I could not fall asleep because in that same bedroom. I played on my GameBoy and sat in bed. I wondered if perhaps I began to fall asleep over which would describe the sense on my sides and sunk, but I understand I was alert. It wasn’t really late (late for us children, but my parents and older half brothers were probably still conscious) and I wasn’t tired.

I’d declare sometimes I could hear my name quite faintly being whispered when I was by myself in a silent room.

My older half brother at the time, I afterwards found out, was quite curious and involved with Ouija boards and Satanic matters, outside of dumb adolescent fascination and interest.

Now, the uneasy anxiety and the dread feeling has turned into a regular part of my life. It does not freak me out. My current room is the room my old half brother lived in before he moved out. Oddly enough, it’s the bedroom I’ve felt the safest in. I do not get the sense of unease in here. I get an especially weird feeling from the hall leading to my brother’s room, and leading from my bedroom across past the guest room, toilet which was after my now-deceased grandfather’s room. He perished in an alternative house on the property, not this bedroom as I said before. I am always looking over my shoulder before I’m in my room and shut the door.

Other strange things occur also. I however see shadowy bodies out of the corner of my eye, usually in the halls or when I am sitting in the kitchen and I see them flit by in the hall. In our dining room, there are sliding glass doors leading to a deck. A number of months ago, I saw a body on the deck wave to me and was walking past at night. As soon as I went upstairs, I heard my brother speaking to his buddies in his room and playing a video game. I looked down the stairway out the sliding glass doors and turned around but the body was gone.

I am considerably more open to non-paranormal explanations or possibilities but this also could not be normal. I am uncertain the best way to manage it either way. All I understand is that nothing feels malicious but it would be so much more cozy living without this great unease.

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