It was winter in 2010. My friends and I were in my buddy’s RV and we got the Ouija Board that purchased from Pawnshop. We proceeded to communicate with the spirits. It would say my friend was evil and it constantly would spell out “D| I| E” over and over. It began to get later in the day and we had to go back to my friends for party. We tried to leave and every time we would say goodbye it would spell out, “N| O| D| I| E” After a half of an hour of it keeping us, we asked it to show itself. It immediately went to “G|O|O|D|B|Y|E.”


We heard the RV door begin to shake and we decided we better leave. We walked outside and it was cloudy and dark and just very eerie. Mind you it was 2:00 pm in the afternoon, hours from sunset. We drove back to my friends house and hung out for a while. We decided to get the Ouija board out again to continue to communicate. My friend that was said to be “evil” was interested in the board. It fell dark outside and we were sitting in my friends room with our fingers on the board. We said hello and it instantly went to “N|O” it would not stop going to “D|I|E” it was starting to freak us out. We began to ask it questions about the future. I asked if I would have children in the future and it said yes. My friend asked and it said “N|O|W.” We kind of ignored it and continued. He was starting to get freaked out so we decided to go. We said goodbye and the board said “N| O D| I| E”. At this time the “eye” started flying around the board. My friend and I struggled to keep our fingers on it. It suddenly stopped and shot off the board. I was freaking out at this point and I just wanted to be done. But we couldn’t leave it at that. We had to say goodbye to it, we had to end it like it should be. I have heard that if you leave the spirits without saying goodbye that they are free to walk the world and possibly posses you. So we picked up the “eye” and continued to talk to it. After that it just seemed pissed off. It would fly around the board uncontrollably, it would say die to everything we asked.


Finally my friend asked, “Who are you?” And it replied to spell “L| U| C| I| F| E| R”. My friend ran out of the room and wouldn’t even look at the board after that. He took the board home that night and said that crazy shit happened all night. He wouldn’t sleep and stayed on the phone all night with me. The next day I was waiting to see him at school. It got later in the day and there was no sign of him.

haunted ouija board

I started asking around, “Hey have you seen Jay” “Anyone heard anything from Jay?” I finally hear he’s in the hospital. The first thing I thought was shit, Lucifer got Jay. I called him over and over and finally his dad answered, I was panic. He told me that his girlfriend had had a 9 weeks premature baby girl. It was one of those hidden babies that they don’t know about until she has it. The ironic thing that just really freaked us out was that the Ouija board said he would have a child “now” and 8 hours later his girlfriend has an unexpected child. Well that’s my “LUCIFER” story. Hope you like it!

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