When I was 13 yrs old my friends and I decided to play Ouija board. Our parents were out. I’m told them we should lite black and red candles because I had seen my babysitter do it when I was 7 yrs old. She would make me watch as she would say weird stuff and used dirt from the cemetery. My friends and I started asking questions like is anybody here, it moved to yes. We have hen asked what was its name it said my name Nick.

haunted house

We asked other questions and made fun of it. Soon after we heard the front door open and slam shut, there were footsteps but we knew no one was home but us. I then heard a whisper in my ear calling my name again. We all freaked out when we all heard this deep growl. We stopped playing and went to bed . At about 2:30 am I heard someone calling my name which sounded like my little brother so I got up and there he was standing in the living room. I knew it could not be him as he was with our grandparents. I ran back to bed. Then at 3:15 am I was awakened hearing knocking on the wall, footsteps and the bedroom door opening again hearing footsteps walking to me and it said my name again after that I felt burning on my back and arms. When I woke up in the morning with scratches. We had to tell our parents what we did. I had to be cleansed several times. I could not write everything that I heard and seen.

To this day I still hear voices and see shadows in my home. I am open to the paranormal trying to understand what I went through. Ouija board, I wish I didn’t mess with it.

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