I do not like to see sprites or ghost, it confound me sometimes because I ‘m not able to identify ones that are deceased and actual individuals. I was and I meditated a lot. I quit them only to stop seeing them. I shielded my house and all I did appears to work for some time.

I do not have any issues at my house. Since I can hear some odd sound, well I think. That is when things usually occurs I leave the home. Because my store not really far from my house, I love it very much and generally walk to residence.

At nighttime the road is quite dim although it is five minute walk. None of them work although there are street lamps. I do not recall seeing a street lamp. At night it is not light.

I saw few times to a girl while I walk on the highway at night. She has beautiful curly hair and is quite dressed in white Victorian age clothing. She’s a type face and every time she’s standing and seeing me on precisely the same spot. It frightened me and I slow down a bit in front of me for whatever to go ghost story 107

There exists a huge U- turn on this one way road and the main road joins in the precise center of the u-turn. There’s one night once I came home and bus stop assembled there. Both are wearing white and the girl holding the torch. I used ton’t believe much of it. Afterward it happened to me generally in this town, it constantly the male have the torch. Therefore I saw them sitting on the seat of the bus stop and viewed them. As I was viewing a lorry and blocked my view, the lorry only drive away without halting or slowing. I was stunned when it passed me and I saw the couple. There was no couple only the girl wearing white, sitting on the seat. There was no spot to hide for anyone and I do not believe anyone can vanish in five seconds. This can be the only area we got working street lamps. There’s absolutely no means for him to conceal.

Only two days past I saw this seven foot tall man coming my way and walking on the main road. We do not have many tall men in the hometown where he resides and so we understand all the men that are tall. Therefore I believed is a man I know. I couldn’t see his face due to the headlights of the passing vehicles, only this man that is dark, tall. There are not any other routes to take. He vanished.

It was a frightening moment. But you only get used to it. No, I do not get used to it. I am scared by it. But I simply keep walking.

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