Once I was kid I heard stories about an Ouija board when my grandmother used one as a kid flying to the ceiling. Until I found the true evil in, I was intrigued eternally next.

In 1991 I eventually got my hands and had just graduated high school. I attempted contacting an old buddy who’d lost his life in a boat mishap. I recall asking a question and the reply went to “Y”. So I quit it was not all that much fun, but it did not.

Another night I stayed in a upper scale Orange County, CA area with a buddy. Whenever I hear a strange sound to wake me up I am sleeping on the sofa. I ran up to my friends room and freaked out. He understood I ‘d a history of overreacting so he said do not worry about it and tried until he subsequently heard it also, going back to sleep.

We’d turn on all the lights and make a group of sound to alarm everyone in the home to awaken. We saw someone running for his or her car and driving away when we looked out the window. It turns out someone was attempting to open the fast sliding glass window. I instantly thought it may have haunted me and of the Ouija board.ouija board 1000

Sure enough I ‘d go on afterwards to give it another attempt, this time with a buddy. I was around at his house about 10 pm and had a buddy in high school. The Ouija board was being used by us and we were being given arbitrary responses neither of us considered considerably around by it. I recall having an idea come to my mind, “if you are real, show it.” He replies, “hello?” Once he said it a 3rd time I recognized someone had merely called to my idea question in prompt answer with nobody on another line. I tore it up and promptly picked up the Ouija board. I used ton’t say goodbye, I stop playing and that was that.

I never had any additional haunting encounters so perhaps ripping it up does the trick. I learned about the Ouija board to recognize there’s actually something to its mysticism. What conceals in delay is always bad.

22 years after I am still here, unhaunted, although is you are not suppose to use the Ouija board on your own. Yet, I’ve know enough of my own narratives to comprehend it is real, what you are reading here is mainly real and read enough – at least my stories are.

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