Okay, here goes nothing. That is really my very first time since I Have brought these events upward since they occurred cause I don’t need to think about them, but it appears that there are few folks in here that have had something similar occurred to them, so I needed to share my story.

Before I begin I ‘d also like to mention that I do not believe in any higher power or god thus to say, and I stepped down from church as soon as I reached the legal age to do so myself. Of being behind the wheel of my own life I have always needed to believe myself, and I Have not prayed since I got out of elementary school. But lets get on with the narrative that is my.

Everything began at July of 2009. After a couple dozen rounds the clock was around 1-2 at nighttime and in simply playing cards we were beginning to get drilled.

We set path to the said house and packaged candles and few drinks, at once theorizing what we might experience.

The house was badly damaged and old and you could see it only by the outdoor yard that was covered in dandelions and weeds. Every measure we took made the floor squeak and I was almost believing that it fall from our weight and would give up, but we made it to the living room which had the old musky sofa and nicotine stained tapestry. This is the spot where I needed the Ouija board to be put in place by us and while the board was set up by Jani I began to light the candles.

The women did not need to participate in the game, so it was Jani who’d have to get our hands dirty and just me. The first few questions were straightforward such as “Are you here?” “How many of you’re there?” and such on, and I was convinced that Jani was transferring the glass since he’d done this before and I was certain that he’d only make an effort to get me and the girls frightened. Well it was working for the girls since they needed to go back, but I simply grinned and said “okay, we will go back, but first I need to ask the last question.”

The glass began going again. “N”, but I was in an incredulity after I saw his face, he seemed extremely pale, no, more like frightened as hell. “D”, the glass was beginning to speed up and I was still looking at my buddies light expression which he had frozen on his face. “R”, only at that stage I was beginning to eventually get freaked out myself, but nevertheless managed to keep my composure. “A”, only at that stage Jani lifted his hands in the air and said “No more”. Perhaps it was only my imagination, but even after Jani had lifted his hands, I still felt an unexplainable power transferring the glass yet another time… “S”


I said the name out and there was a loud tumble sound that came from your upstairs of house that was deserted. While we were sitting down in disbelief of what we saw and heard a moment of silence passed by again. At that point we had the identical thought on our heads, and that was to move out of there. We snatched our jackets, the plank and the candles from the ground and ran out of the home as quickly as we could and did not quit until we were away from the house in a safe space. My fireplace was still bound when we stopped running and got back to the main street. Others joined my laughter that to be honest and I let out a nervous laughter, seemed a little maniacal at the time.

That was my first and last meeting with an Ouija board, but I consider that some damage continues to be done, since after that event I Have gotten 2 more meetings with odd happenings in the previous 2 years that date rather closely to the date that we went to that house to “have some interesting”.

The first event occurred over 1 year after the board episode I believe. Most of the nights she only comes in the middle of the night, lays down besides me and jumps in the bed. Well my sister was working in a night shift that day since she is a waiter in a big gas station complex that’s a store in the exact same building and burger joint and it is open 24/7. Since I had to awaken early for work I’d gone bed around midnight. In the center of the night I woke up cause I heard clicking sounds in my personal room and I understood just what it was before, it was our dog trying to find a destination for a sleep since I’d heard it plenty of times. But for some reason the sounds ceased next to my bed.

After a dubious quantity of time I collected my bowels and turned over swinging my arm and I do not understand how long I put there although I was scared stiff. I believed that it was only my imagination playing tricks on me and I believed that it actually was Spedy who only came to say hi, but the bedroom door was shut, and something was clawing at another side of the door.

My blood froze once again after I heard that scraping sound.. I used ton’t understand and that was what frightened the living hell out of me. Was something I did not anticipate and what does one understand, it was her, although I rose up and opened the door. She was trembling like she had a seizure, and her walking seemed clumsy and forced, she looked terrified like I was likely looking like.ouija board 1000

It looked like I was the only one, although I never told this to my sister cause I did not need to frighten her, but I did inquire if Jani had had something similar happen to him.

Now lets roll forwards again to the end of July and this year. I nothing more, and had gotten rid of that haunting episode and still only at that stage, I was thinking that it might happen to be between my ears. I used ton’t reside with my sister anymore, we went to divide flats at the end of 2010, and I ‘d found a new place to call home for now. It was a typical Friday night for me, having fun, having few drinks and seeing films with some buddies over.

I woke up to your feeling that was recognizable from back, something was seeing me. Now I ‘ve 4 cabinets at the opposite side of my bed, about 2-3 meters far from my bed, so when I woke up, I saw among the doors hanging open. Only at that point I ran locking the door and sprung from my bed. I sat there for what must happen to be an hour approximately, cause I smoked 1 total pack of cigarettes while being there before I dared to return indoors. I carefully went back inside throwing every light switch I could locate on the way cause that was to get my telephone and get the hell out of there, and there was idea within my head. I flipped the lights on and eventually got back to my room. The 4 cabinets were not closed and stack of my materials were dropped on the ground in the top. At this time I jumped within my car, caught my telephone in the night stand and drove to my buddies house for the remaining evening. I could not tell them what occurred yet cause I am not certain if it is in my head of really real.

I do not live in the 2nd flat anymore I simply could not after what occurred and I am at this moment at my 3rd spot, but the question is, am I safe in here? Or, what if it finds me this time and is something coming after me July again in another years?

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