“I had never believed in possessions. I still don’t know if there is anything could gone wrong. But I had an experience that makes me wonder why it happened to me and my family. Then I decided to share this story on this website

do not attempt it

It bought it on Halloween day when I was 16 years old because of my older sister would always talk to the closet. I thought she was crazy. She would always talk about her friend Katy and would introduce me to air.  One day I watched Horror Movies that borrowed from my friend.  I just felt there were something in closet but I could not see it. I started using Ouija boards in middle night when my older sister stayed at her friend house to do homework. The board just appeared 4 letters K A T Y when I small heart-shaped piece of wood. It scary me then I just threw it under her bed.

Few weeks later, when my sister cleaned up a room then she saw a Ouija board under bed, she was begging me how to use it. I just show her how I did it in first time. Then I watch her playing by sitting next to her. I  and her discovered more than two spirits available in closet. We were creep out and freeze. We didn’t know what to do at that time.

do not attempt it

Mid night, my sister screaming in bed, tearing up her pillow with no reason. She also licked her own urine off the floor, tear out her hair. I wont never forget the crazy night that happened to my sister.

My parents came back from night shift. I told them everything. We discus it and invite an exorcist to our home. We paid over $850. The exorcist claimed that an evil spirit possessed my sister and it didn’t want to come out. This was really, really serious for us. We had gotten a demon into our house. Then my dad called our local priest to bless my sister in a same day. All strange things had gone with priest’s power. The priest also took the Ouija Board away.

Whatever happened to my sister. It ruined my sister’s life till these days.

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