I am Karin and I am 19. I have recently moved into an old house with her dog and my closest friend.

Was seeing with family so she was at the home by herself. She said she believed the home was settling because there is been lots of sound happening and phoned. As soon as I got back I began to discover unusual events including the dog cower or will stand at the center of the room staring upwards nearly at a grownups height and either wag his tail.

One day I was doing my hair and the earth was touching. I ran to my roommates room and threw my straightener and had her see it. If I did not leave when I did I might’ve been electrocuted.

The images on my wall start to tremble violently. We have seen scrape mark routines that were new on the toilet doors, without being touched appliances will turn off and on, and like my heart is beating too difficult I often get a pain within my chest.Ouija Board alone 1

There have now been things going in your house, things have gone lost and wind up in different rooms, there is also a shadow that stays within my room that moves things within my cupboard.

We asked questions to Ouija Board although I am really against communicating with spirits because action will be regular and held. A candles flame shot up when asked if they desired to harm us. When asked if they needed to shield the opposite sides candle up shot up. We inquired why they were hostile when guys came over it spelled out “rape” we inquired who was raped and it went towards my buddy who was.

I have called a priest to come and bless your house and the action is getting worse.

Any suggestions would help, I understand using an Ouija board was not bright to what was going on but we actually needed responses.

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