Ouija Board, an story never ended. Where should I begin with my Ouija board story? I just remember someday in weekend back 2008. We made good money for buying items at Goodwill or garage sale then sold it on Ebay. My friend and I were shopping garage sale in my area, then we saw a board (we didn’t know that its was Ouija board) hang out wall in garage. The owner just gave to us like a gift because we spent $180.

My friend and I searched it on Ebay to find out how much sellers sell it on Ebay. Well we thought we would make good money on this gift. However, my friend wanted to keep it. She google and wanted to play with it. I just think well just a board. After dinner, we turn off light and try the most to play with it. Apparently it could not moving at all. Around 10:00 pm when we were watching TV in living room, a black cat Kitty (I have two dogs and one cat ) just play with the board on floor, we didn’t pay attention to it at all. Immediately, we heard a bang from somewhere in a house, we turn head and look a board, it was flying (I mean it was flying on the air in one foot).. We both staring each other like actress in Hollywood movies.

In the same night we just seat in living room and get some pillows to put in on a board. We don’t want to see it until morning. We came back to a garage sale house and gave it back to owner. We didn’t say anything and left. A reason that we both believe an Ouija board was flying is black cat mess/play with it after searching over and over on the internet. We never shared this story before until we watched paranormal activity in last week on internet. Don’t be crazy if there is something start to fly in your house. There is a reason that you need to find out.

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