Nick Groff (Ghost Adventures) is back using an unique angle on what supernatural investigations are done. He also offers a new companion, Katrina Weidman (Paranormal Condition), and they will be investigating some famously haunted locations alongside some very notable visitors, including Lorraine Warren and Grant Wilson (Ghost Hunters).
Other Ghost Hunters alum joining the Paranormal Lockdown pair contain Adam Berry and Amy Bruni because they investigate the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. A shadow amount was encountered by Nick Groff and is back again to unearth more proof. In accordance with Destination America’s page on Supernatural Lockdown, what the team conveys on their third night is called “groundbreaking, amazing and completely terrifying.”

David E.L. Tenney (Ghost Stalkers) will soon be joining the Supernatural Lockdown crew during a study of Franklin Castle, a Victorian estate in Cleveland, Iowa, which is best-known for ghostly voices and apparitions.

Lorraine Warren will be supporting the Paranormal Lockdown couple at the Hinsdale House, which can be positioned in the Adirondack Foothills in Northwestern Nyc.
The Paranormal Lockdown group will also have they being joined by Grant Wilson where it is mentioned the dim and eerie places still wander.Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman 1

This new, six-episode sequence as they voluntarily move under A72 will follow Katrina and Nick -time lockdown at each place. The Paranormal Lockdown staff is likewise based down at several apparently haunted destinations that have never been covered on tv before, and no competitors that are paranormal have researched some of these.
“As respected fixtures of the paranormal group, Nick join the Spot America family with huge support from their supporters and have years of thrilling investigation under their straps,” said Jane Latman manager of Spot America. “Overnight explorations are a staple of ghosthunting, but Lockdown’ that is ‘Paranormal supersizes the suspense in a rounded-the- clock, multiple -day exploration that’s never been executed before over a supernatural TV series.”

“Living with the deceased was a whole fresh expertise for Katrina and me personally, supplying us the chance to file some extremely attractive research in regards to the afterlife that individuals can’t wait to reveal to ‘Paranormal Lockdown’s’ readers, Groff was added by ”.

Being a child he had after having a -death experience, Nick Groff produced a fascination with the paranormal. This Supernatural Lockdown researcher graduated from Nevada’s School with a B.A. In 2007, and in Picture he was instrumental within the publishing, generating, and directing of Spider Activities: The Initial Documentary. He costarred in the award-winning, and also the generation video kicked-off the most popular Spider Activities string that debuted around the Vacation Channel. Groff offered on Periods 1-10 of the exhibit as an executive producer, co-host, and researcher. A guide titled Chasing Tones: The Building of the Cat Ventures Crew was authored by him.Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman 2

Groff also had a submit generating Ghost Stalkers, which debuted in October of 2014. The present featured supernatural detectives that, like Nick, previously within their lives had a near-death experience. John and Chad Lindberg E.L. Tenney will be linking our truth to alternate realities or to various dimensions in area and time, and attempted to confirm that gateways, websites or even wormholes can exist at selected sites. Even though the assaults were riveting and sometimes downright scary, unfortunately the line wasn’t picked up for another period.

Like her Paranormal Lockdown companion, Weidman can be researcher and an researcher. She appeared Over A&E’s common line Paranormal Condition, functioning hundreds of situations and choosing thousands of witnesses through the inspections. She started seeking a career in paranormal study and research and is a scholar of Pennsylvania State School.

Weidman also managed Real Concern: the Facts Behind the Flicks, which aired on the Fridge system. The exhibit had an appealing philosophy, and that was for Weidman and her team traveling around the world trying to find the true-life experiences that have been behind a few of the hottest and famous horror movies. The tales behind Silent Hill, The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, and Also The Mothman Prophecies were examined on the present.

Paranormal Lockdown is made by Groff Leisure, and executive producers are Nick Groff and Justin Narragon. Fay Yu will be the executive producer for Destination America, with Linda Latman helping as manager.

Are you considering watching Supernatural Lockdown? Would you like detectives investing 72 hours at each location’s concept? Abandon thoughts your comments and opinions below below. Paranormal Lockdown will debut around the Spot America network March 4 at 10 ET, on Friday.

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