Fans of Paranormal Lockdown will be excited that the Tv show has been renewed for second season. Nick Groff’s target is to ghost-hunt full time as he hunts for new signs of the afterlife, and his want would be to make breakthrough discoveries in paranormal research.

The film was a big winner at the La Film/Video Festival at the same time, and was nominated for “Best Feature Film” at the Eerie Horror Film Festival. The documentary became the pilot for the hit Ghost Adventures series that debuted in 2008. Groff was an executive producer, co-host, and investigator for Seasons 1-10. Groff also authored the novel Chasing Spirits: The Building of the Phantom Experiences Team.

Katrina Weidman isn’t any stranger to the paranormal world; besides co- she was part of Ryan Buell’s popular A&E series Paranormal State from 2006 professional paranormal researcher and research worker. as a to 2011, working A graduate of Pennsylvania State University, she worked on countless cases involving unexplained supernatural occurrences, and interviewed thousands of witnesses as part of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS).
She later went on to host her own show on Chiller called Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Films, where Weidman and her team traveled across the country in search of the real-life stories behind some of the most iconic horror films ever produced. The spooky stories behind movies for example The Mothman Prophecies, The Amityville Horror, and Poltergeist were featured on the show.nick groff

Fans have commented they are excited for another season of Paranormal Lockdown, and ca’t wait for the new show, Phantoms of Shepherdstown, to air. There were six episodes of Paranormal Lockdown for the first season, and several guest investigators such as Grant Wilson, Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and John E.L. Tenney appeared on the show.

Certainly one of the places inquired on Paranormal Lockdown included the infamous Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, the deserted and haunted facility located in Weston, West Virginia. Nick was returning with an agenda, although it was Weidman’s first time at the asylum. Back in 2009, he needed to duplicate that experience once again on Paranormal Lockdown, and struck a shadow figure on the fourth floor. The new season will certainly provide more of the same thrills and chills the Paranormal Lockdown team provided audience at this and other places last season.

Paranormal Lockdown is created for Destination America by Groff Entertainment with Justin Narragon and Nick Groff as executive producers. With Jane Latman serving as general manager, Fay Yu is executive producer, for Destination America, and Henry Schleiff is group president of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, and American Heroes Channel.

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