Disturbing footage seems to show a woman ‘possessed’ woman with demonic voice.
The lady strapped down in the rear of of ambulance, is lying and seems to be having some form of seizure. Hooked up to an intravenous drip, her eyes roll wildly as she strains against her binds and she lurches forth and back.

Another girl, believed to be a nurse, calls her name and claps loudly in a attempt to snap Carmela from it. But rather the disturbed girl says in a low voice that is terrifyingly, teeth bared, and lifts her head, ‘I’m going, She Is going to hell.’ She throws her head back down and lies writhing as the nurse places a calming hand on her shoulder – but to no avail as Carmela’s ‘Possessed’ is not completed.

‘This girl doesn’t exist’ she weeps hoarsely, ‘It doesn’t exist.’
As Carmela ploughs on with her worrying spiel she doesn’t receive a reply nevertheless, ‘My father is coming for him.’ ‘ He’s for me.’
She exudes an atmosphere of despair and panic but it truly is unclear what precisely Carmela is afflicted with.Possessed woman with demonic voice

After watched this video, one of member commented that there ain’t no ‘ Evil Spirits ‘ ,just brain problems. Then it got responded quickly by another member: “How do you know that there are no ‘Evil Spirits’? because you say so? and why should we believe you? or is it because you have never seen one or experienced one? Have you ever seen the wind itself ? – You are the ones who should not only ‘grow up’ but ‘wake up’ too, from the ‘d i s n e y-w o r l d’ induced slumber most of you all are in nowadays!”

It’s believed to have already been filmed in Spain.

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