This show got me doubt everything Zak has done. I am a huge fan of Ghost Adventures, but with “Deadly Possessions” show, particularly episode with the Dibbuk carton component and that Kevin Mannis man, looked entirely falsified.He’s also the man that wrote the short story which was sold to the company who made the film The Possession. He recited excerpts from his own poetry that was written, anything with that man in it was staged including his coughing at the synagogue.

It made no sense that open it quickly and even someone who lost his mom due to the carton, would subsequently consent to see it. Zak also responded away when it was being recited by him. The matter with Theodore at random barging in and behaving “disrespectful” to the doll was staged also. Why Zak selected to stage these things I do not understand, it’s going to damage his standing. ( Published by SilkSpectreII )

After saw those episodes “Deadly Possessions” , and I am reconsidering my wording a little. As do not consistently seem to be scripted, I should have said heavily edited but it is clear that the content of their responses are edited to give the desired effect. Although some are undoubtedly scripted like the Mobster Museum man some parts only look to be heavily edited.
Deadly Possessions 1
If she’d any electronic equipment in her pockets clearly the first question I ‘d have asked was, and I understood that it is not quite impossible that she’s a pacemaker. That undoubtedly should happen to be a question. I will keep watching to see if they even attempt to describe it before leaping to “OMG it is PARANORMAL” but I am actually having my doubts only at that stage.
Because it’d have been a tremendous plus for the show either way, I really can not realize this. If she’s a pacemaker, it’d demonstrate that they succeeded at doing so using reasoning and are really attempting to describe matters. It’d again demonstrate that they were attempting to use reasoning and make the puzzle even more actual, if she does not have a pacemaker. The scene with the man in the Mobster Museum was quite terrible also. It was clearly staged. It was not staged and even if they did have a film crew there, which I do not believe for a second, I do not presume Zak would have put up with the bullshit of that man. It was not painfully genuine. (Published by BWDuty605)

I had high hopes with “Deadly Possessions” show. I ‘ve ever been a tremendous fan of Ghost Adventures and was happy to discover of a new show during GA’s “off- season” to tide me over until a fresh season begins. All of us understand he is an ego maniac, but come ON, now. The guests stand until he asks them to have a seat. After giving a sketchy history of the item’s past (with frequent gaps by Zak) the “investigation” (for dearth of a much better term) begins. We see a shot of Zak’s self portrait hanging on the wall. Yes, it is an actual painting of himself.

The “investigation” includes someone who is affected personally by the object. I believe these special guests had to attend an acting class to be included. This was so over-the-top and unnecessary! And he has an aged butler named Theodore who mills around to do the bid of Zak. At one point, Theodore lets out a scream of feigned terror when he sees the haunted doll, turns around and walks up to Zak’s throne to deliver his post.

It was not so good. So poor. It’s painfully clear that this was Zak’s brain-child and that he has complete creative-control over the entire process. I was cringing the whole way through. If you want a laugh, then this show is for you. If you were hoping for an amusing paranormal show, this won’t satisfy. (Published by mickkjhc)

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