I’m a 13 year old child that’s attracted to the supernatural. I personally use Ouija boards and some time to pass, and I began conversing with this one ghost, he was an African servant, his name is Diowam. He explained awesome what and stuff not, but I sensed some religious connection with him. I would see apparitions at times, nevertheless they were mostly shadows.

1 day, after my Ouija board was being used by me, I inquired if it was Diowam, also it claimed “NO”. I felt uncomfortable. I asked who it was. His name was Heckley, born in Britain, died in the 1700’s. I sensed an unpleasant profile from him, and so I questioned few concerns then shut the table down. Suddenly, my lamps start flickering, that they never do, NEVER.

I went to the different room to share with dad what happened. He said, “Don’t fear it will be alright-” his eyes widened before he may complete his word and he said, “They’re not done along with you ” he said it in a method that was controlled. I observed a darkness of a man in a hood behind him and flipped out. I never spoke to that particular devil again, since I believed he was awful.

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Though, I trust him with my table and just him my other pals Dave is neat. I understand what he seems like now. He’s a silver statue. He protects my friends from demons if I am visited by them, and he burns away any hate inside our house. He informs me for the past, and of the future.

This is a notice to everyone who’ll work with an Ouija board, be cautious, individuals have died from control, and it could eventually you if you do not understand what you are currently performing and allow your will diminish. Stick with it, if somebody else seems, look for a spirit you like, and only speak to tones you trust, close down the table and ask them to prevent speak with you again. But remember, it is not really a toy and has to be managed with extreme care.

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