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Top 10 most haunted places in Idaho

Idaho can also be filled with spooky beauty and history, Idaho ’s haunted places all are a must-visit within their own manner.The very history of our state, military sacrifices, and love triangles are shrouded here in numerous years’ worth of engraved mark that sustain the lives of Idaho’s most early residents. These top 10 most haunted places in Idaho will haunt your dreams

1. Idanha Hotel | Boise, Idaho
Throughout the hotel’s renovations, workers and several building employees stop because of reviews of supernatural activity. The cat a bellman who had been gunned down within the resort goes the lift down and up alone. Visitors also record observing him peering edges within the building around. Gates close and open by themselves, lamps go ahead and down along with a horrible moaning audio continues to be noticed on particular degrees of the building. A lady who hidden and had been killed within the resort cellar presumably places the building’s low degrees. As the last and next surfaces are haunted by an intense organization that has been recognized to draw visitors out-of their bedrooms. As areas of the building have been transformed into a flat bock visitors and citizens have observed a gray apparition. (Published by Callum Swift)Idanha Hotel

2. Kit Kat Klub | Meridian, Idaho
This place is besides the pounding locker doors that wont stay open on their own and cant open would do just that and for a fact haunted, I danced there when I was younger. After when I bartender there I was touched, equipment that was completely shut off would turn back on and on one occasion while I was alone getting ready to open the pub I turned and saw a man standing on the opposite side of the bar staring at me. You could just believe something there and being alone in the building is extremely unsettling, whatever you want to do is complete your work and move out. Whatever or whoever is there has no difficulty making itself understood.Kit Kat Klub

3. Enders Hotel and Museum | soda springs, Idaho
I and my daughter stopped here for lunch a couple of weeks ago and we decided to take a tour of the second floor while our meal was being prepared,. Our waitress informed us that there was a museum there. There were some empty seats below the graphics. I could feel an energy that is uncommon about the area as I walked up there,. It was daytime, around 2 in the day with lots of sun. No cause to be frightened. As I and my daughter went from room to room considering the artifacts on display all of the historic collections intrigued us which they had collected for the museum. The room with the bookkeeping and a barber chair /office room my daughter refused to enter due to an unpleasant energy she felt. We were standing in the hall near the war room and the medical room. By the end of the hallway there is a bathroom. The door was open and sun comming in through the south window. The toilet flushed all while we were standing there alone in the hallway. This is not a movement sensor toilet. The toilet door was open. We were the only individuals on the whole floor of the hotel. My daughter ran for the stairs pulling me as quickly as we could go and caught my hand. We went back down to the restaurant and we told here they’ve company upstairs that was unseen when our waitress came to our table. She calmly admitted the fact and then related to us some of her hair raising experiences while working there. Food that is exceptional. A lovely museum. But definitely eerie and haunted. There are conflicting stories about who exactly is haunting the Enders hotel.

In any event most folks concur that the cellar is the most haunted area in the hotel.Enders Hotel and Museum

4. B.J.’s Bayou Restaurant | Roberts, Idaho
The building was a resort, but after the Teton Flood of 1976 it was left. The place was renovated to the Cajun eatery in the 1980s. Several haunts have been reported here, including an elderly gentleman, perhaps in uniform, and a young girl. I ‘ve images from this last summer after I was there. And you can see a woman’s face upstairs looking down at me in the image. There also seems like another entity was up there too. I had the feeling someone was watching us while we were there. Odd my great uncle was born in that building when it was a hospital.B.J.'s Bayou Restaurant

5. Old Idaho State Penitentiary | Boise, Idaho
I was there last November doing an investigation with a friend and we were in Siberia alone. We heard people coming towards the building, so I walked from the cell after being there for about 10 minutes, and we began assembling our equipment. I said let’s scare the people that were coming only joking and on our digital recorder that we had running we got an eve that said , are the folks and two crazy sounding and loud voices laughing in an evil, frightening mode. We both talked to each other that you can hear in the background and if I heard this I ‘d have run. The folks that have been walking up came in and the little child that was with them said this place is scary. This can be among the best evps I ‘ve gotten after 100’s of them. This prison has a lot going on.(Published by David Dove).Old Idaho State Penitentiary

Little Ghost House From My Childhood


I use to live in this house when I was a kid, until I was 12. Strange things would happen in the house and I rarely wanted to go upstairs by myself. One time my niece, who was 4 at the time, described a figure she was seeing that was in mother’s closet. “He’s funny looking,” and described him like a clown. She never said a clown but the way she described it made me know that’s what she meant. Another time I was sitting in the front room and someone yanked the back of my ponytail and when I turned around no one was there.

The one thing that scared me the most was when I was sleeping and felt like someone was poking me. I woke up and this dark figure was standing over me and they had no facial features or anything descriptive about them. It was just a black shadow. As soon as the light was on it was gone. I remember telling my sister about this and she explained that my other sister was a Wicca, and she cast out her demon in that room.

Another time that freaked me out was I was in the restroom and I hear my sister scream from the room, next thing I know she yells out. “Fyou ghost” and puts salt around the border of the room. She swears she saw a ghost standing by the foot of the bed.

My mother also had many experiences one relating to a little girl playing in her room, she could hear her giggle and running around. This was the same room my niece said she saw the clown like ghost. Another time she pulled into the driveway and saw an old man in old time clothes and held a rake.

Our house used to be a cornfield and I don’t know if it’s true or not but our neighbors said 15 years ago a little girl used to stand near the corn to wait for the bus and one day the road was so icy that the little girl got ran over by the bus. I no longer live in the house, but I have plenty of more stories that happened to me, or my siblings.

Barney the cemetery cat is buried in his own plot


One of the grounds keepers at the church said his death has ‘left a difference’ in the local community, as individuals pay tribute to the cat

After he died of old age a cat who rambled a graveyard to comfort mourners for 20 years has been laid to rest.

Barney the ginger spent walking the property of a church burial site, consoling those seeing the graves of their loved one.

But on Friday, the 20-year old moggy died of old age.

This has caused an outpouring of grief from the local community as people paid tribute to the much-beloved cat.

Grounds keeper Alan Curzon said he’s now been laid to rest at the area where he spent his whole life brightening up the lives of hundreds during their darkest moments.

The popular moggy originally lived with his owners next door to the St Sampson’s Graveyard in Guernsey.

But after they moved away he kept returning to his previous land and was eventually re-homed there.

Alan, 63, the cemetery sexton who has helped look after Barney since 1996, said everyone was devastated.

He said:

“For those who entered the cemetery with a heavy heart, he lightened up the experience for them. He often came up to them and brushed against them when people walked through the gates.

“There wasn’t a bad bone in his body.

“We’re placing a plaque on the wall and a seat and have discovered a little space for him in the cemetery where he is buried also.

“The spot will not be the same without him and his passing has made a gap. I’ve already seen a lot of people in tears and we are really upset, but he had a good life and was well looked after.”

He included: “He was owned by the people who lived next door but they moved and he kept making his way back to what was his territory that eventually we made him a house there and he stayed.Barney1

“We’d look after him and he’d provide lots of relaxation to lots of folks.

If he heard a car coming he would make himself known and was friendly.

“He didn’t have to worry about a think, but I must stress it wasn’t only me looking after him. There were a lot of people that took him to their hearts.”

The Rector of St Sampson’s Church Rev Timothy Dack said he carried out a lot of funerals at the graveyard and said Barney consistently offered a comforting presence.

He said: “I believe the existence of Barney brought lots of comfort to so many individuals.

He would be seen by the mourners and it’d bring them lots of happiness.

“I just think he gave them great comfort. I know he was well cared for by a number of individuals.”

Barney’s support has been described by many visitors to the graveyard as invaluable and tributes have been flooding in for him on social media.

Writing on Facebook Debbie Ann Le Page said: “God bless you Barney, recall that wonderful sunny day, I laid down on the grass in the cemetery and we cuddled up together for two hours.

“I wanted a buddy that day and there you were my angel!! God bless you.”

Sue Falla, whose daughter is buried at the graveyard, said: “I always believed my youthful daughter was never alone when he was there. Actually going to miss you, Barney, TEAR.”

Autumn LeLievre described Barney as “amazing.”

She included: “He brought so much comfort to my kids notably on our routine visits to the graveyard.

Kelly Ogier also wrote on Facebook: “All our family adored you so very much and we’ll always be so grateful of the comfort you gave us at what can be a tough area.

“You brought sunshine to us all and we’ll adore you eternally xxxx.”

Pauline Goddard wrote: “My kids adored going to see him when seeing their Gramps grave – a lovely cat that will be missed by many and now keeping our lost loved ones business .”

Karen Wilson added: “Such sad news.

RIP Barney now you’ll be keeping our loved ones safe on the other side.”

The decision to entomb Barney at his house cemetery was also backed by members of the public.

“He should have his very own small grave there as this was his chosen spot while alive.

Mandy Hardman included: “He goes there.”

A trip to your Tanana River ghost city


On a canoe trip down the lower Tanana River – ghost city, a crumbling sandbank scrambled up to research a location that’s less populated than it was a century past.

No one, actually, resides at Cos Coat anymore. There’s a cottage-size cache with a tin roof. A couple sagging log constructions sit on a ledge. Among the cottages has lost front wall and its door to the river. Its long ridgepole pointed over the Tanana like a finger.

Across the state, there are tons of positions that are similar. Some, like Kallands, Birches, Kokrines and Grant Creek, aren’t far from Cos Coat, which is about a 1/2 mile downstream from where the Cosna River drops iced tea-coloured water into the Tanana.

Cossacks John who was my great grand father, father to my grandfather, Peter John . He was the founding father of Cosjack and we, my 9 surviving siblings and l inherited acres of our great grandfathers land through the dept of interior. There are also other families that also own land through inhertience on this most beautiful sacred land we call, Cosjacket, AK. Sharing our history of our ancestors to whom lived and survived off of our great land to which we love and respect – Connie Mayo.

In a short tour of Cos Coat, hastened by excellent mosquito density, Alison Beamer, Jason Clark and I discovered the following: treeless regions which could have been gardens, a wooden barrel sealed with pitch that likely arrived by steamship and a fine iron cookstove under a collapsed roof. Jason points out a signal for a survey point on a tree, likely set by an archeologist who mapped Cos Coat.

USGS maps reveal the name Cos Coat, but my GPS screens “Coskakat.” The last variation is when I asked her about the site what a girl from the downriver village of Tanana used.

Not much written history exists regarding Cos Coat. U.S. Army Lt. Henry Allen didn’t mention or map a hamlet when he passed by on his summer excursion in 1885.

The first record of Cos Coat in print may be from an April 15, 1901 edition of the Chicago Tribune in a narrative. A reporter wrote of Army Lt. Joseph Herron’s quest with five other guys from Cook Inlet to the Yukon River.Chief IvanChief Ivan of Coschaket is shown at right in this photo from the Drane Family Collection in the UAF Archives. The woman and boy were not identified in the photo, which was taken sometime between 1913 and 1939. (Drane Family Collection / UAF Archives)

At the junction of the Yukon and Tanana, they headed to Fairbanks and set their boat on a steamship. Then they floated back down the Tanana.

Posing as adventuresome tourists during their excursion, Carrington and Sniffen were working for organization. They went undercover “in order that we might see states as they were, and particularly find the approach of the whites toward the Indians.”

“Cross Coat is a fresh settlement. Many Indians are leaving Tanana for this site, and they’re constructing a better level of cottages.”

Some additional effort is shown by the cottages staying at Cos Coat, with spruce logs hewn level on the insides where they join and log ends squared.

Among the main issues was the encroachment of camp followers and white miners who were fishing, hunting and trapping .

Chief Ivan of Crossjacket, afterward a settlement of 15 families used mainly in winter, rejected the notion of Natives being given reserves or homesteads.

“We do not need to go on a booking, but wish to remain absolutely free just as we’re now,” Chief Ivan said at the seminar. None of the other leaders needed bookings and none were formed. Neither were given.

U.S. Census Bureau workers counted 46 folks at Cos Coat in 1929 and 38 a decade after. The town does not appear on census registers after 1939.

Like other Alaska locations that were, Cos Coat is currently an intriguing name on the map being recovered river and by trees and quiet.

Three potential cases for the conjuring 3, with Paranormal Lockdown Nick Groff


With the recent success of James Wan’s unnatural horror sequel THE CONJURING 1 and 2. It’s no surprise that we’re looking at just one more chapter in this string that is remarkable. Until they head to London for the Enfield Haunting in the sequel, there are protections of Amityville. A whole lot of frightening for crowds to participate in.

Wan promised he would like to bring the paranormal investigators into the Eighties when asked about the third episode. IGN, “I do have something special was told by the manager but I’m not going say it. They certainly embellished to make for a great time at a horror movie, while both movies are based on true stories. Nevertheless, I’d be fascinated to see what frightening story they may be going to tell.

Just to sweeten the pot, we’ve requested pal to paranormal investigator extraordinaire Nick Groff and the website to give his ideas on each case file.

Television host and the well-known paranormal investigator can presently be seen on Destination America’s amazing success show Paranormal Lockdown filming Season 2.nick groff 2

Here we take a short look at five potential investigations – all of which happened in the Eighties. And only to get another view, we’ve encouraged Nick Groff to give a small insight on the what could necessarily be THE CONJURING 3.


This is a storyline already familiar to many horror fans. It was the subject of a feature film with exactly the same name, one which starred Virginia Madsen and Kyle Gallner. In addition, it spawned a sequel which had nothing to do with the original case. There was also a Discovery Channel show on the events.THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT

This tale includes a spiritual family moving into a home that was once a funeral parlor. They moved in because it was affordable, and it was nearer to the hospital where their son was getting cancer treatments. This particular narrative definitely has more than a small controversy involved. It is often asserted by skeptics that Ed Warren had told make up stories, or simply those included to embellish the narrative.

Nick, what are your thoughts on THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT? 

Nick Groff: This is a very popular case. I do believe something unexplainable occurred to the real family, but the current owners have been adamant about the house not being haunted today. I would have to investigate the house to see if the paranormal phenomena could be lying dormant after the Snedeker family left. Research has found through the presence of certain families and their kids going through adolescence can make an unknown or docile haunting much more severe, especially dealing with a poltergeist.


This haunting facilities on a “White Lady” phantom who haunts Union Cemetery. Ed Warren’s novel “Graveyard: True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery” discusses one that he promised to capture its essence on film, this ghostly figure. Setting a Conjuring film in a spooky graveyard could be an ideal recipe for goosebumps while this particular narrative appears a bit too common when it comes to stories that are haunted.UNION CEMETERY

Have you been to the Union Cemetery?

Nick Groff: I have never been to Union Cemetery, but I hope to check it out in the near future. I’ve heard a lot about the Lady in White that haunts the grounds. The story has me intrigued to investigate further.


In 1991, a publication entitled “Werewolf: The True Story of Demonic Possession” where they assert to have exorcised a werewolf figure that was demonic was released by the Warrens’. This involved a chap named William Ramsey who suffered from seizures and other unusual experiences. While this story appears to be even more strange in comparison to the others, it might be a smart thought to bring this notion to a Conjuring sequel. Come on! Demonic werewolves need to be fairly frightening! Maybe it was nearer to a wolfman with a ton of fur.THE DEMONIC WEREWOLF

A werewolf that is demonic? What exactly is your take on this story?

Nick Groff: Well now that would be interesting! I have seen a ton of bizarre things I can’t explain in my life, so I guess anything is possible within the unknown. Maybe the demonic presence was disguising itself as a werewolf from some other realm. There are so many things we just don’t understand in this world, so I am open to the possibilities of all things paranormal.

As a lover of THE CONJURING 2 and THE CONJURING, I’m looking forward to continuing the ghostly experiences with Farmiga and Wilson returning to play with Lorraine and Ed. And above all, I like to thank for joining in with this conversation and congratulations on the recently announced second season of Paranormal Lockdown Nick Groff! Nick and his co host will be heading over to San Diego Comic Con in only a few weeks. Their panel will be July 22nd and they’ll be announcing some exciting news regarding the second season. Expect to see some of you there!

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Picture of ghost reported to be real after car crash


For supposedly showing the ghost of the victim leaving his body a haunting picture of the scene of a car crash in Stanton, Kentucky is making the controversy on Facebook.

In accordance with local news, a motorcyclist crashed at around 5:30 pm on Tuesday. On Highway 15 The motorcyclist, who was the only one associated with the crash, was taken to a local hospital, where he afterwards died.

Onlooker Saul Vazquez took a photo of the accident in the cab of his truck. The picture which includes since gone viral, appears to reveal the wispy outline of a figure hovering just above where the casualty’s body seems to be lying.

Many social media users are speculating although some are more cynical that this is the spirit of the motorcycle victim.

“I believe there is a man that passed away is viewing his looking down on his own body,” Facebook user Carmen Clay wrote.

Nevertheless, others are not so certain.ghost of car crash

“It is not a soul, if you look at it carefully it is just part of the tree branch and leaves,” Facebook user Ravi Kamboj wrote.

What would you believe?

According to Saul Vazquez, the man who took the photo, posted it on Facebook and said: ” I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between campton and Stanton on the service road just off of the mountain parkway, zoom in and pay attention to the shadow just off the top of the state trooper hat. All I say is I hope everyone involved is okay!!”

What You May Well Not Know About Horror Movies

Story lines for horror movies are demonically inspired. The source feeding the information into the thoughts of the writers is not upright, and you can bet that there’s lots of black spiritual activity going on in a room when one of these movies is being viewed.

If you simply read that and thought, “That’s insane! It’s only a film,” Keep reading and you may change your mind. It’s not God who inspires individuals to act out scenes of brutal murder in perverted and sick manners, and it’s not God that motivates blood-spattering, gory, anxiety-filled pictures. The source is not angelic.

If you don’t consider devils exist, simply grab a Bible right fast and research it in the New Testament. They exist alright, and they always try to find open doors so that they can cause a mess in your life.horror movies 4

You’re inviting dark spirits into your life if you see horror movies. (even though you may be oblivious of it) When they come into your home, they’re not there to simply hang around. They’re there to cause damage. They desire your life to be miserable, because they hate you. You’re created in God’s picture and they hate God, so, they despise you because you’re His development.

Because the thrill of being afraid is addicting, horror movies are addicting. When you begin to watch and put the DVD in, you’re inviting evil spirits into your house and into your everyday life! The door for spirits of panic opens. They attach themselves to your life and prey upon your mind.

I Thessalonians 5:22 orders that we “Stay away from every kind of evil.” Jesus tells us over and over to “Fear Not.” Jesus does because He understands it’ll draw on the demonic to us n’t want us to have unhealthy fear.
Infirmity is defined as mental or physical weakness. The aim of these shadowy spirits is to bring decay and sickness upon those who are attracted to see the evil, and then to obtain access into lives.

Be cautious about what you allow to fascinate you. What you focus on; you make room for in your life.

Are you focused on evil by seeing horror movies? Afterward you’ve given access for evil to come in, and to affect your life in devastating ways. The number one way that evil spirits gain access into our lives is through opened doors we’ve created for them through our own wrong choices.horror movies 5

God is omnipresent, meaning He has the power to be in greater than one place at a time. Yet, Satan isn’t omnipresent. It’s since he can’t be in greater than one place at a time, and limited while Satan does have power; he uses devils to carry out his plans of destruction in people’s lives.

If you watch horror movies, I guarantee that you’ve got dark, evil spirits (demons) working against you to cause affliction, anxiety, and much more.

Zak Bagans and Aaron Goodwin filming in El Paso, Texas


A couple of my sources let me in on an exclusive trick this week after they seen the two stars “Zak Bagans and Aaron GoodWin” of the success Travel Channel show ‘Ghost Adventures in Sun City.

sun city

That is excellent news because the new Ghostbusters film comes out in theaters and their TV show returns. During the first episode the notorious Nevada State Prison will be visited by the group of fearless researchers.

They may be taking a trip to Concordia Cemetery this week. Among the more well-known stories is the spirit of John Wesley Hardin frequenting the area with their horses and his notorious outlaws. Seemingly, it is possible to hear them stomping around at night.


My coworker Mike Martinez posted a picture of a girl that was creepy . Since most people in this location know some cheerleader died here because they couldn’t deal with the break up.

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3 Reasons Why Horror Horror movies Are best for You


Should you be reading this post because you have significantly more than a fleeting fascination with the horror genre it is, odds are. Well if so, I have some great news for you: those hrs curled on the couch or behind a pillow are not squandered! Oh no, horror movies are in fact GREAT for you! And here 3 Reasons Why Horror Horror movies Are best for you.

First reason: Good for the health.

It has been noted that seeing a horror film can have astounding effects on the anatomy. The seeing of these images on a display can spike your blood stress, tense those muscles up and get your heart racing – the same effect as workout. With a movie like The burning just under 200 calories, watching a horror film has been proven to burn off calories, in reality! Making a Horror film marathon a lot more like the real deal.horror movies 1

Second Reason: Great for the mental properly-being.

horror movies give a feeling of catharsis. This basically means that we can release strong emotions permitting relief to wash us over. When the film is over we shall be safe, with all our limbs and arteries integral we know. Another reassuring aspect of horror movies is their foreseeable nature. We know that the daughter will endure at the end, the two teenaged lovers will die, and the harmony of the universe will be restored by time the credits roll.horror movies 2

Third Reason: We need the release and great enjoying yourself, family.

“If we have a comparatively calm, uneventful lifestyle, we look for some thing that’s going to be exciting for us, because our nervous system necessitates regular revving, just like an excellent muscle engine,” claims Fischoff, professor emeritus of Psychology at California State College, Los Angeles. The stimulation is needed by our bodies!

Horror movies are a fantastic way to escape the monotony of existence and experience something you (ideally) never will in actual life. Additionally, they’re an amazing way to take our mind of our own troubles and put things into view when watching that bad girl being stalked and killed. Plus it’s A TERRIFIC reason to snuggle up with your date.

Top 4 Upcoming Horror Movies you must watch 2016


2016 has been an extraordinarily brilliant year for horror movies so far. Already enthusiasts have gotten to view Southbound , The Conjuring 2, Hush, Baskin, The Witch and The Neon Demon to identify a couple, and there are lots of more spooky films in store over the the next couple of months.

In addition, it consists of some truly fascinating and original pictures that hook the crowd only from their exceptional assumption, although the upcoming slate comprises a number of sequels. Obviously, there’s definitely going to be a great deal of good to revisit for Halloween.

From the new Ring picture to the next picture from Fede Alvarez, here are a few of the horror movies to anticipate in 2016.

Among the political horror franchises in recent memory is in time for the 2016 election. Returning to the franchise is. James DeMonaco is back as director and writer for the third time, and thus the film will probably be equally as ridiculous, over the top, and weirdly amusing as ever. Let’s only trust it’s closer in quality to Anarchy than to the first Purge.

Horror Movies: ‘Leatherface’

It’s been quite some time since we saw a great Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Could Leatherface be the one to bring back the show to greatness? Teen Leatherface might seem terrible, but perhaps this movie can also if Bates Motel could pull it away? Let’s expect so. It’s anticipated to be released before the end of 2016, although the movie doesn’t have an official release date.

Horror Movies: ‘Rings’

With an all new episode, the Ring franchise will return after an 11-year absence this October. It’s seemingly a direct sequel to The Ring Two instead of a reboot, although Naomi Watts will not return. Paramount will become their new yearly show that Paranormal Activity is over and is hoping this will be a big hit. Can Samara support that many sequels? And so crowds still care relating to this franchise? Rings will allegedly eventually be hitting theatres this October, although it is often delayed several times already.

Horror Movies: ‘31’

31 is Rob Zombie’s latest film which he crowdfunded online, and it has been compared by the director to his 2003 hit. Critical reaction was mixed to negative, with many feeling it is not especially original, as is the case with most of Zombie’s work. Horror-centered factory outlets like Bloody Disgusting have typically had more positive things to say about 31 so it looks in this way will be one that appeals to the horror community but has essentially everyone else turning away in disgust. Seems like a Rob Zombie movie very well.

Horror Movies: ‘The woods’

Though his name is not too recognizable among general audiences only yet, Adam Wingard has been responsible for some of the best horror movies of the previous few years, including You’re Next, V/H/S and The Guest.

Both the plot description of his latest, The Wood and the name, is exceptionally generic: it follows a group of teenagers who go into the woods when…poor things occur. That’s around all we know, and the official preview is quite cryptic. But much of Wingard’s work has entailed putting a creative twist on well worn stories, so there is certainly more happening here than what’s on the surface. And how refreshing is it to have a horror movie’s advertising not give away the whole assumption?

Exorcism case: “5 family members charged with murder”


Five individuals who assumed responsibility for an exorcism that happened in 2015 in Germany have been charged with homicide, German officials said.

All five were relatives and South Korean nationals of the girl who died because of the exorcism, based on NBC News. They remain in investigative detention.

When a priest was called by the relatives after they found the girl had expired policemen found the body, said prosecutor Nadja Niesen. The girl had began to “flail around and become aggressive,” said prosecutors.

The suspects were prompted by this and all relatives of the girl who died to remove a “demon” they thought had owned the girl, said Niesen. Some of the suspects shoved the woman to the floor while holding her arms. Others pressed with their knees on her torso, belly and shoulders, according to authorities.

The cousin of the woman fit a towel and a coat hanger into the girl’s mouth “to prevent her from screaming,” the prosecutors included in a statement. The event lasted for about two hours.

“The woman eventually died from asphyxiation as a result of violence and the enormous chest compression to her neck,” said Niesan.

The family members contain a 44-year old girl, her 21-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, and two 15-year old boys, according to The Associated Press. One of the 15-year-old boys is the son of the dead girl.

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