I’m on the fence about Ouija Boards being portals. I have used one and I’ve never had a devil come in and mess everything up within my house and with things and my life. I have had paranormal experiences before I Have used one so it’s hard to tell if the existence I felt in the room during my first Ouija Board session was something that came through the board, something that was already there or if I was just creeped out by the entire experience since I heard so much about them.

On another note, I’ve known individuals who have never had paranormal experiences with them and have used an Ouija Boards for a long time or even had anything spelled out. I’ve come across stories with scary junk being spelled out, the planchette moving on its own or had terrifying paranormal action occur during a session. However, you need to wonder about Ouija Boards. Why are they sold in toy stores? If it is such a dangerous tool to contact spirits and devils would it be sold in a place where children can go and buy one?
So could it be a poor thought? In my experiences, no. Chilling noises have never woken up in the night me or have already been scraped by a demon who came out of the board.ouija board 104

The night we played, something came through and was calling me horrible names – I believed it was my friend doing it so I made my younger brother attempt it with me and it was most def not her, my brother was 7 and didn’t understand about those words or how to spell them. We swore we’d never use the Ouija again and were all freaked out but, it did not matter, the door was opened. After that, I had many episodes of sleep paralysis, things in my room would move on their own, something sit on my bed while I slept and would come in my room, I could feel it and see the depression in the bed. That’s also around the time I started having health issues that are mysterious and, to this day, no physician can tell me what the cause of all of my health problems is. I ‘ve problems with my blood, heart, arthritis, stress, dependence, depression, fits of complete rage….the list goes on and on – I also believe it was a huge contributor to my unsuccessful marriage. Due to my health, working a full time job isn’t an option so, my children and I ‘d to move back home, with my parents in. My health has only gotten worse since moving in and, late at night, in my bed, I see phantom spiders from time to time. The spiders stopped, for now but, my health is dropping rapidly.

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