The best way to find an exorcist priest
Some dioceses in the world don’t have designated exorcists, but every diocese has its bishop. He can conduct exorcisms or make a priest as an exorcist in his diocese.

A. First step – confession

If you are a Catholic, request your confessor during confession to examine the situation and advise you, whether a particular instance needs an exorcism or a prayer for delivery.
Confessing sins and recognizing an evil spirit’s sway might suffice to free a man from the demon.
Before confession remember about its five states. During the assessment of conscience it really is not bad to run a first investigation of the evil spirit’s sway that is potential.

  1. Examination of conscience – here you must stand in truth before God and yourself. You have to realize the truth about yourself.

  2. Contrition – if you still do not feel contrition for insulting God and His Love, better not receive the sacrament… The same is true if you intend to come back to sinning after confession.

  3. Strong resolution to better oneself – of course, you cannot get discouraged if you do not succeed at once and you fall under the weight of sin. It is your approach that matters, the attitude of your will, which keeps you from entering the domain of sin. It is a free act and no one can control you. You stand before God and yourself. Good will is a good start!

  4. Sincere confession – only after completing the previous conditions, confess your sins sincerely. You can cheat your confessor, but NOT God and yourself. Be aware, that by concealing a sin you make the whole confession sacrilegious, invalid. If you had the courage to sin, have the courage to confess your sins.

  5. Penance – this is the small price you have to pay for your sins, whose cost is much greater. Here you can experience God’s Mercy and His love for you. Do not delay penance. Do it as soon as possible. Honesty towards yourself and God demands it.

  6. Satisfaction – this is the condition we tend to forget about. We demand justice for ourselves. And satisfaction is justice for your neighbor, whom you have hurt.

B. If you’re not Christian, or if you haven’t been baptized in a Catholic church, you can still request an exorcist priest for prayer for an exorcism or deliverance.

C. The best way to find an exorcist priest?
You can request your parish priest or your confessor to help you touch base with an exorcist. The parish priest should have info on appointed exorcists in the diocese.
You request a telephone number to an exorcist priest and can phone the episcopal curia. The curia will constantly have up to date advice on exorcists.
D. Call an exorcist priest, tell him about your suspicions related to an evil spirits activity, make an appointment for a meeting and prayer.

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