So I am a bit nervous post it that is my first story with this site, but I actually needed to speak to others of my experiences. I ‘m twenty years of age and I live in Northern Ireland while I was a teen and lots of strange things that have happened to me occurred.

While I was a kid entering early adolescents even as a kid I was always interested and frightened of ghost and supernatural items. strange things began happening to me.

The house I was now living in at the time was just just construct, and I mean only construct as we seen with our home while we were in a leased house to be during its building, not far away. There was also no unusual history on the property where the house was build.

Nothing unusual occurred for me for the first few years. The only thing I could remember is simply being scared of the dark and believing someone was watching me but I put that down to anxiety and my imagination. She largely stayed out at night although I should also include I shared a room with my older sister who was a teen then.

Yet as time went on I started to experience several things. During the midst of the night as I attempted to sleep, emphasis on the section that was tested since I’m a fidgety man, I began to hear heavy footsteps. These footsteps happened nearly every night for months and they were not extremely soft and I could never comprehend how they could not be heard by any one within my family. They promised not to have heard these reverent footsteps and I’d questioned them all many times and none of them were the kitchen at night. The feeling of being viewed at night within my room additionally ghost story 104

I was frightened beyond measure. I could tell from your sound the footsteps belonged to some guy and that he was wearing proper shoes that made a noise that is loud on tile flooring – that, and I had a feeling it was a guy.

Then one night within my bed trying to fall asleep after I felt a hand touch me I was about one in the morning. I bound and gasped. The hand felt like pins and needles when it touched me and was the size of a guy’s. I blown off it and hid under the covers and attempted to forget for the remaining night about it.

I was touched by several months after the same thing occur again, exactly the same pins and needles feeling and it on precisely the same shoulder! They never believed me although I kept telling my family of what exactly I was experiencing.

In the beginning, I believed it was my father , and so I said ‘what?’ quite rudely. He was too tall to be my father; yet I immediately realized I ‘d no idea who this guy was, and I mean tall, he was somewhat taller in relation to the door. He was totally solid, I could not see through him, he was quite considerably not as unreal as a man that is living. He was not old appearing, I’d place him and he’d black hair that is curly. And I am not going to lie I also believed when looking at him that he was quite good-looking. He was wearing what seemed to be a plaid pants with a light brown overcoat and a brown suit. Thus say the least I failed to cry and I was shocked. This guy, on the other hand, seemed more shocked than I was.

I heard the kitchen door opening and shutting then suddenly there was quiet as if he simply vanished.

I understood I was going to be totally obsessed with phantoms and seeing him on!

To clarify I’ve communicated with his guy next occasion several times but that’s additionally and for another story I ‘ve other meetings with beings whom I want to post. I understand this was not the story-line that is most fascinating but it occurred and needed to share it so thanks.

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