A cocktail of sexual encounter and craziness, “The Neon Demon” is a cinematic effort that deserves to be lived in the broadest display potential and whilst you may likely not walk from it emotionally clear or met.
You may have experienced a head excursion in the most bizarre potential directions and a physical reaction to it that’s something I seldom ever get with pictures.
Right in the opening to the ending this movie is all around visual and artistic attractiveness, thematically and both expressly. As long as this picture was playing I did not actually care, although the latter part might function as the successful component of the picture.
The audience sinks into a world and however dark and fuc*ed up it seems to be, I needed more of it. Natasha Braier gives some of the greatest cinematography there’s to us: both innovative and visually breathless in its storytelling. Come to think of it, this movie is really close to Anotnioni’s “Blow Up” stylistically, dialogue is hardly given any value and functions more as a connective tissue through the wild journey we have been taken through.

To discuss the visuals in this movie proves to be very hard, both because they’re so certainly and complexly gathered and thought out, both for his or her astounding beauty and abstraction, there are a number dolly shots scattered around the picture that work magnificently, with brilliant staging and light, they were undoubtedly highlights of the visual masterpiece.

The pictures with this movie are just one part of the many that join in moving feelings you can dwell and making a section of artwork that beats its defects with the absolute value of the overwhelming sexual.

Also, the performances are special and all unique within their own manner. Elle Fanning goes to areas which are fascinating and uncomfortable to see investigated, Jena Malone manages to get you buy into it and goes further.

‘The Neon Demon’ Will Open in Theaters on June 24th, 2016

I can not wait for the theatrical release if only to have more time to soak in the films dreamy visuals, take in more of the films subtexts

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