As we know “Celebrity Ghost Stories” interviews various celebrities who talk about paranormal events that have happened in their lives. How do we know that they are telling a true stories or sharing with views from their experience?  I don’t think you could possibly prove or disprove whether or not they are true, because everything is just a word of mouth. It’s like asking people if ghosts or demon are real or not. so there is no factual answer. It’s all in whether or not you believe yourself.

Celebrity Ghost Stories

“If this were meant to be fictional, there would be a disclaimer at the beginning or end of the show, stating that. Otherwise, the celebrities on the show wouldn’t do it. If the stories were fictional and the producers threw them out there to the public as if they were, it could damage the celebrities reputations. It would be as if someone famous told a story about a crime they committed. They would be confessing something that never happened, and could be arrested unless the producers put a disclaimer on the show,  stating that the stories were completely fictional and any likeness to the characters or incidents in reality, is purely coincidental.” Lisa E


We just enjoy  and thank to celebrities for sharing their experience on the “Celebrity Ghost Stories”.

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