Something amazing occurred! I do not understand if it is accurate although I’ve read stories about the Ouija board. So it is difficult to tell if it is accurate or not individuals do make-up narratives. Many people say the Ouija board is only a game, other say it is not only a match and a few say it is not safe. I determined to visit Toys R Us to purchase the Ouija board. I drove my car to Toy R Us each day and I was only looking for about an hour or so. I visited the game section after looking around and the Ouija board was bought by me. I drove back to my flat and I set the Ouija board in the cupboard.

I place it and took it out of the carton. I began saying and I quit, is anybody out there. Then all of s abrupt and I kept saying it, I felt a powerful presence right! I was so frightened that I run from my room and the Ouija board threw in the trash. I was really shaken! I turned the lights on and went back to my room and I did not sleep at all!ouija board 1000

A day later I felt much improved and I never felt the presence. Months after I started to have this impulse to make my own Ouija board! The feeling was so powerful that I was overwhelmed by it! I went to home depot and I bought other things and a wooden board. The craving was so powerful that I could not wait each day to get home to end it! I set it after I completed my handcrafted board. The inhuman presence within my room had something regarding it!

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