Top 10 Haunted House In Virginia in this Halloween. List below are most haunted house that people wanted to visit it every year.

1. Darkwood Manor, Luray.

If you travel up to the twisted spine of Virginia, otherwise known as the Shenandoah Valley, you’ll discover a haunted house that takes the basic concept of evoking scares and nightmares, and approaches it from a more artistic perspective. Tucked inside the rural mountain town of Laury, home of the world famous Laury Caverns & the Shenandoah national Park, there sits an ultimate fear provoking haunted house attraction called Darkwood Manor. this haunt has been making a name for itself as one of the top haunted attraction in the state.Darkwood Manor

Since 2001, Louis and Wendy Brown, the creators of Darkwood Manor, constantly seek new ways to transport their audiences into another world. By applying artistic disciplines to the design of Darkwood Manor, they’ve created an interactive and theatrical show that absolutely captivates their haunted house patrons. The attention to detail and artistic design principle does not stop at Darkwood Manor’s sets. It’s also carried over into the make-up and costume elements of the attraction.

2. Haunted Nightmares haunted House, Winchester.

Is it scary….!!?? Your experience at Haunted house Nightmares is going to be unique to you. There is plenty to see inside, and many different scare tactics are used. For each person who exits the building calm and collected with a smile on their face, 5 others leave running and screaming. While each person has their own limitations and different things that scare them, we strive to make the haunt a fun and exhilarating experience for everyone. Are there clowns..!!?? Is it dark?? What’s inside??

Each year people want to know what’s inside before they actually make it through the door, but why would we want to ruin all of the fun for you? There’s only one way to find out what we have hidden within our walls.. Will anyone touch me..!!?? We have a very strict “do not touch” policy. You do not touch our actors, and they will not touch you. It is rather dark in many areas of the haunt and the actors may accidentally brush against you, but no one will ever reach out and deliberately grab you. we expect the same for you.

3. Haunted Hunt Club farm, Virginia Beach

Hunt Club Farm
The history of Hunt Club Farm goes back to the 60s -the 1760s, to be exact, when the area was first developed as Woodhouse Plantation. In fact, the original house still stands today, and is on Virginia Beach’s Historical Register. Skip ahead 200 years to the early 1960s, when a young military wife and mother, Mrs. Mary Vogel stumbled upon a 200-acre tract of land with an abandoned farm house on London Bridge Road and recruited 14 families to purchase it. They renamed it Princess Anne Hunt Club Properties, and subdivided it into “farmettes” that were a minimum of five acres each. The goal wasn’t to create an equestrian community. The Vogels’ son, John D. Vogel – known as J.D. – became a farrier after graduating from Kellam High School.

He started growing produce on the farm and opened a farm market at the front of the property. He grew various vegetables, strawberries and pumpkins. Mary Vogel passed away in July of 2006. Mary was well known in the dog breeding world for her Vogelflight Bichon Frises. She was actively involved as a competitor and a judge at dog shows around the country. She loved working with her dogs, spending time with her family and looking for “finds” at antique auctions around town.

Hunt Club Farm is open each year from April 1 through New Year’s Eve. We welcome you to explore our website for a peek at the exciting experiences that we offer. We hope to see you on the farm!

4. Shocktober’s Paxton Manor, Leesburg

Shocktober's Paxton Manor Leesburg
Over many years, many strange and horrific events have taken place in the rooms of the Paxton Manor and beneath its foundation among the large array of caverns, and frigid underground lake. For over 100 years The Carvers have lived below the Paxton Manor, deep in the caverns, this yera they have decided that they want to return to Paxton Manor and have take it over.

Enter the basement of the Paxton Manor and you will get get feel for just how grotesque the Carvers really are! Lurking beneath the Paxton Manor lies an enormous underground lake, the depth of its waters and height of its walls remain a mystery. One single well, located in the deepest corner of the Manor’s basement, is the only entrance to the lake’s frigid waters. It is unknown how many have ventured into the depths of the lake and who or what they found- or if they ever made it out.

5. Gallows Dead Oak Hallow, Elliston

Gallows Haunted Attraction
As you walk through our attraction know you’re walking on the very ground the Woodson Massacre took place nearly 40 years ago. The scenes you’ll see are real and tell a true story – a story of massacre, bludgeon, and atrocity; The Woodson family had called the mountains of Virginia home for years, 13 of them,led by their father Otis and their mother Bernice you couldn’t find a family closer to one another – isolating themselves from society – No one knew if they actually existed, only myths passed down of rituals and bloodshed.

The occasional hunter not coming home for dinner or the group of girls who wandered too far out into the woods. The locals knew the hills could talk, they just couldn’t quite understand what they were saying. As the population of rural Appalachia grew, the Woodson’s family’s grounds got smaller and smaller, and their secrets closer to being exposed. In 1978, Otis passed, and the family had enough.

Evidence from the crime scene tells us that anyone who unknowingly stepped foot on their ground was slaughtered. They used their victims for rituals to bring back family members since passed, for food, and their own pleasure Some victims were made to tie their own noose –all marked the same way a “X” on the forehead. Legends passed on since have named their home Gallows because no one ever made it out alive.

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