6. Frazier Hall – Idaho State University
Early Sept 1964, Freshman orientation nighttime in the Frazier auditorium. Sat next to an odd fellow wearing bulky slacks with a jumper. The place was packed and hot, but the temperature did’t appear to trouble him. He was gone when I turned to examine the person. No one nearby seemed to find his lack. He may have indeed, unseated and left the auditorium. It surely was a departure that is discrete.Frazier Hall

7. Egyptian Theater | Boise, Idaho
When King Tutankhamen’s tomb was found in 1922, Egypt became part of popular culture. Fitting in, the Egyptian Theater opened in 1927, and the first movie shown there was “Don Juan The ghost said to live here is considered to be Joe, a projectionist who worked here until his death from the 1920s by heart attack while climbing the stairway to the projection booth in the 1950 s. He’s been known to open and close doors, turn lights on and off, and make noises. The theater has been featured on ghost hunting TV programs. My mother was the supervisor here for years in the 90’s. The oracle went directly to no and the projection door slammed shut and the lights went out.
After when I was old enough to understand the narratives my mother would tell me about that place, she understood where the beverage was where she and her friends did the ouija board and that where we were sitting.Egyptian Theater

8. The Historic Gooding Hotel Bed and Breakfast | Gooding, Idaho
This old fashioned bed and breakfast dates back to the late nineteenth century, and has rooms furnished in the style of a bygone age. It is supposedly haunted by the apparition of a man in period clothing, who continues to be seen during the night in guests rooms. It’s considered the man is mad during into a misspelling of his name on his headstone at a nearby graveyard, and the hotel owners are attempting to rectify this mistake to be able to put an end to the ghostly action. (Published by Callum Swift)The Historic Gooding Hotel Bed and Breakfast

9. Fort Hall Bottoms | West of Fort Hall, Idaho
As of this wetlands area popular with fishermen, folks have reported seeing a faceless apparition of a girl in white. Additionally reported has been the sound of crying babies. Me and my brother were fishing down in the wetlands tonight. And I have’t experienced any thing like this and have been before. And he said does that look like a person to you personally and halted? I looked over and just what I saw was a woman in a white. I dont understand about a dress but also long dark hair covering her face that almost seemed not dry. And she was leaning against a tree.. No one else was out there and no cars. But just as she was found by me. She went. And there was a splash in the water. We left and both took off running got in the car. Whatever it was. It was bad news. I’m not going back. Super sketchy.Fort Hall Bottoms

10. Fort Boise Military Cemetery – Cottonwood Cemetery | Boise, Idaho
I went there last night and from no where I got this extremely cool feeling and then it got really warm it was’t a breeze but as if I had drank a bottle of ice cold water afterward downed a mug of hot chocolate my buddy had touched among the tombstones and felt someone grab his shoulder and pull him backward then the flag in the rear began to fly but there was no wind at all.
The many unmarked graves here help to fuel the reasoning for the haunts here. According to reports, most frequently seen are the natures of children and a girl, who has been seen at a nearby school. (Published by Colleen)Fort Boise Military Cemetery

Those are top 10 most haunted places in Idaho. Tell people what you think by comment below.

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