When we hear the word ‘haunted place’ the first thing we picture in our head is the poltergeists shoving everything here and there, actions of unseen force like moving furniture and also unpleasant sounds and smell.s. Here below are some haunted places in New York city for you to track down. List below will tell you “Top 10 haunted places in New York.”


Location: Brooklyn, NY
This Holy Trinity Church is one of the most haunted places in New York. There are so many factors that put in to the haunting of this holy place, it seems impossible that it WOULDN’T be haunted. The church was built upon a land which was at that time a burial ground. The bodies were dug up and buried elsewhere, but the spirits of those people are said to still linger around. There are a couple of ex-pastors who are buried in the crypt below the church and more than a few people, from priests and guests to church patrons, have died unexpectedly in various places throughout the church. It is said that you can hear footsteps within the building even when no one else is there. There are secret passageways and ominous shadows sure to give you goose bumps!


Location: Oyster Bay, NY
While not as famously known as the Raynham Hall in England, with its well circulated photo of The Brown Lady descending the stairs, the Raynham Hall Museum in Oyster Bay, NY has certainly had its reasonable share of paranormal experiences. There are several stories surrounding this home which was built in 1738. Owners of the home began keeping a hand-written record of the strange phenomena they experienced in 1914 and the vast amount of tales has grown exponentially over the years. The most well known spirit is that of Sally Townsend, who fell in love with a soldier who was staying with her family during the Revolutionary War. When the war was over, instead of marrying Sally, the solider returned to England and took a wife there. Sally died in her early 80s, leaving behind a love letter she had kept from her solider all those years. Her bedroom is always an unexplainable 5-10 degrees lower than any other room in the house, and upon entering the room, it is said you can sense her melancholy.


Location: Cooperstown, NY
It has been featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters and is frequented by many paranormal investigators from all across the country. If you are looking to be crept out, you’ll want to stay in rooms 307 or 585, but anywhere on the third or fifth floors tend to be hot spots for paranormal activity. Starting from laughing children to the sound of moving furniture, there have been many such incidents witnessed by the guests. The Otesaga is a great place for video recordings and once a year they do an organized ghost hunt which allows you to search the hotel all night long. They are usually closed in the winter as Cooperstown is a summer resort town, so it is the perfect time to arrange your own ghost hunting expedition with no guests to interfere with your findings!

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