Location: Amityville, NY
If you’ve watched the movies or read the book, you know that the Amityville House was one of the most violent hauntings in recent history. Some people believe the whole story to be a hoax, but most people believe the Lutz family did indeed endure a horrible experience. A year after the De Feo family of six was murdered in their sleep by the 23 year old son, the Lutz’s moved into the house, but lasted only a mere six months due to violent slamming of doors and windows, resulting in injuries to the family members, as well as offensive smells emanating from mysterious sources and the children suddenly levitating in mid-air on several occasions. These events took place in 1975 and Daniel Lutz, who was only a child at the time, finally came forward to talk about his recollection of what took place. The house has changed hands a number of times and is currently for sale once again. Unfortunately, recent owners altered the appearance of the exterior so it is no longer the same SCARY…


Rolling Hills Asylum
Location: Bethany, NY
The Rolling Hills Asylum got its start as a Poor House which provided shelter for the homeless, orphaned or insane as well as convicts recently released from prison. In the 1990s it was renovated and turned into an antiques shopping mall, but the strange things experienced there caused enough concern that they called in paranormal investigators to have a look. Common occurrences that take place in the sprawling 53,000 square foot building includes people being trapped in rooms because doors are held shut by an invisible force, disembodied voices and objects moving on their own. There are frequent spirit seekers who tour the building and the surrounding grounds looking to capture a photo or video of the mysterious events that happen here.


Location: Utica, NY
The Utica Lunatic Asylum was the first insane asylum in New York State and among the first in the entire country. As the first of its kind, the staff of the asylum experimented with many types of treatment and restraint. Many of their methods are considered, today, to be highly unethical and unscientific, but at the time, they were searching for something that worked. When it opened, the goal was to rehabilitate the insane, but as the asylum began being filled less with people who needed observation and medication, and more with criminals with uncontrollable rage, the destiny shifted more towards control and restriction. The building has been empty for a long time now and is completely decaying. The walls are crumbling; some of the floors give out when you walk through. It is definitely not a safe place to be, however, nearly everyone who enters experiences something

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