Location: Oneida, NYThe New York Shadow Chasers said that the spirits in this house are “happy to communicate.” They have conducted several paranormal investigations both publicly and privately, as have other groups, and the spirits here seem to be incredibly active. Lights will turn on by themselves, doors will open and close and shadow figures have been seen by many people. This is an incredible hot spot for picking up EVP recordings that seem to actually be answering questions as opposed to being unintelligible sounds or noises. The historical aspect of this beautiful mansion is enough of a draw to lure anyone there; the haunting is just a bonus!


Location: Geneva, New York. Reportedly haunted by a “white lady” apparition, Belhurst boasts a colorful past that urban legend has richly embellished. Many attribute the haunting to the ghost of an opera singer who died there. Some even further embellish the tale by claiming she died while attempting to escape from her enraged husband with her illicit lover using an underground tunnel, which collapsed on her. This version appears to combine two separate legends, the opera hussy and underground tunnels that were allegedly built either for treasure storage or bootleg liquor during the prohibition (no such tunnels have ever been found to exist despite extensive home and ground renovations).

9. Wellscroft Lodge

Wellscroft Lodge
Location: Upper Jay, New York
This hotel was built as a home back in 1903. Jean and Wallis Craig Smith built this home for people to rent during the summer. In 1942 they had to sell this home because they couldn’t afford it anymore. It’s now a bed and breakfast and has plenty of ghosts running around. Lots of guest have complained about loud noise and music coming from different parts of the hotel. There are no radios in this hotel for this reason. If you stand outside the hotel and look up through some of the windows a woman in red has been spotted gazing back out at you. This same woman in red has also been spotted walking up and down the stairs.

10. Big Moose Inn

Big Moose Inn
Location: Eagle Bay, New York
As a society, we are fascinated by tragedy. Something about a life cut unnecessarily short draws our attention, and haunts us. In 1906, the tragic murder of Grace Brown captivated the country’s attention. Brown was killed by her lover, Chester Gillette, and was discovered floating in Big Moose Lake. Gillette went to his death proclaiming his innocence, although the evidence was stacked against him. Prior to Grace Brown’s death, she and Gillette checked into the Big Moose Inn, he under an assumed name, she under her own name. She was there long enough to place her hat on the provided hat rack before Gillette rented the rowboat that would transport her to her death. After her murder, however, Grace Brown has been spotted both at the Big Moose Inn, and on the lake itself, a smoky figure in a white dress that glides through the hallways, and around the shoreline of the lake.

If you have the same twisted idea of fun as I do and are the curious sort, looking for a few haunted places to visit, check some of these out. Most of them have such a meaningful historical background, that even if you don’t get to witness some sort of activity, your trip won’t be wasted because you’ll get a great self-guided tour of beautiful buildings from the past. What’s the most haunted place you’ve ever visited?

Top 10 haunted places in New York that won’t get you regret in 2015.

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