Connecticut, having a colonial and long history, has lots of haunted sites lurking in concealed areas you never knew existed. Connecticut also is said to be one of the 50 with the most paranormal activity in our country.
Here are top 10 most haunted places in Connecticut you must know.

1. Bara-Hack, Connecticut

The last time I seen the place was in 2003. It was quiet out there. It was what I recall were and the center of the afternoon in October that day. Besides the deer we hear or failed to see anything unusual.Subsequently on April, 2015 a buddy and I determined to go there to experience the action. I inquired if she’d made the sound, my buddy, who was about ten feet ahead and she’d answered that it had not been her. It was them that I understood how strong the website really was for paranormal anomaly. (published by Tony)1. Bara-Hack, Connecticut

2. Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut

Once I was a teen we piled into my car and went to check this spot out. we failed to see anything/ feel haunted. Nevertheless, A peculiar narrative I’ve though was that my automobile started smashing heat (the heating had’t operated in about 6 years) and we cannot turn it away. Another day my car locks and still failed to have heat were good. Undoubtedly enough to frighten a group of teens that are innocent!!

Though it’s up on the market this area is still there. The reasons are over 30 acres in Norwich and Preston . The buildings fenced away in the road and are in really poor condition. I felt remaining than effective haunting and have experienced a building. It’s a creepy place that is very depressing. (published by Mike)Norwich State Hospital, Connecticut

3. Union Cemetery, Connecticut

Just enjoy that we were in nearly pitch black darkness, as the moon was fairly modest that nighttime. We agreed never to quit regardless of what we saw or heard, and determined to run as quickly as we could through the graveyard, and as quickly as we were left by my cousin, we took off running.

The first 10 seconds…nothing only adrenaline, a terrible odor swept through the atmosphere..this frightened us as we’d heard stories of how it is going to smell awful before matters show. 30 seconds in I began to hear a moan that was quick, strange sounds or sharp voice.

Half way outside we’re terrified, my cousin who’s with me halts…he should hell or rest fall, I run back several yards. In the way of the sound is even dimmer compared to nearly pitch black, a dim shadow. He followed and I took off, we dove into the automobile and accomplished the end. I looked out the window and saw some of red eyes as we passed the border of the cemetery. That was the last and second time I went to union. As we simply drove around the graveyard appearing in the first was uneventful. (published by Tie)Union Cemetery, Connecticut

4. Daniel Benton Homestead, Connecticut

After hearing about the ghostly happenings there my friends and I went to check out the homestead. My ex girlfriend had told me about hearing a story of folks picking up voices on tape. So we went and let the whole 15 minutes we were there are run by a recorder. While we were there nothing happened only some weird feelings…..when we got home we listened to the tape. At one point the tape played with a loud thump to which my friend holding the recorded “ that was asked did you hear that”, and at the time my other buddy and myself had not.

Then came the really creepy part. Several minutes after it is possible to hear my buddy inquire “so what do we do now?” followed by myself saying “i dont know lets go to the grave” afterward my friend holding the tape said “yeah lets go the grave” and perceptible when cranking the tape at full volume you hear a fourth voice, in an alternate inflection clear english (not garggel or static filled) say “lets go to the grave.” (published by Tooler)4. Daniel Benton Homestead, Connecticut

5. Remington Arms Factory, Connecticut

I’ve been in that building multiple times. I do’t totally consider the area is haunted, but I started to hear quiet footsteps one time while I was on the elevator shaft shooting pictures. I paid them no mind because I was concentrated, but they started to increasingly become loud stomps. They were eventually found by me and when I took my finger the footsteps ceased like they were synchronized with me. All other sounds were readily tracked to open broken walls and wind or doors. (published by Joel)Remington Arms Factory, Connecticut6. Boothe Park, Connecticut

I believe I saw a phantom there after the story was it was my sisters graduation celebration and my parents leased the dining area there we’d Ben there the entire day .

And my sister and he buddies determined to take a walk to the grave yard and I determined to go to but they already there so I determined to run up to go meet up with them.

I saw a light by the telescope building and em diary believed it was my sisters telephone light so I ran towards it when I got close I understood it was someone I ‘d never seen before he was on the hefty side, bare and staring strait forward.

Being that we were the only folks at the park at the time I got frightened and turned around and ran back when my sister came back I told her where and what I saw and she told me her and her buddies were the only folks there. (published by Michael mozzi)6. Boothe Park, Connecticut

7. Devil’s Hopyard State Park, Connecticut

When a buddy of mine and myself were riding through devils hopyard one night his car randomly shut off and we were stuck in a area with no cell phone coverage. So all night we were trying to get his car to start and we had no luck. We ended up sleeping in his car with the doors locked, throughout the night we kept hearing scratching on the sides of his car and laughter. We ended up staying up till the sun came up after that which was around 6am he then tried his car and it started up no problem. (published by Devin)Devil’s Hopyard State Park, Connecticut

8. Olde Newgate Prison, Connecticut

Can’t explane tears come to my eyes looking at it and reading about it, you are not lieing. Love see my self .tour this place holloween is danger also at knight,but this is great at knight. For me but day is cool too can get a feel but it’s scary too do alone ,you see they will go in a soul. Even if you know what you doing,not expert. But be are full .tour person should know in and outs. On every soul died there,even after too.get a feeling after prison close did there some thing happen in front of the place.just a hunch. (published by Michael)8. Olde Newgate Prison, Connecticut

9. Capitol Theater, Connecticut

The hot summer of 1975 Jaws was playing at the Capitol theater. I went to see it with my friend Sharon & during the movie went upstairs to the bathroom alone. I had heard of the ghost in the theater but did not give it a lot of thought. I was anxious to get back to the movie so I didnt miss anything and ss it was very hot and only the downstairs where the movie was had air conditioning.

I was walking by the janitors closet to get to the bathroom the only person I saw or heard upstairs was me. As I walked in front of it the closet door open out to me and a blast of very cold air blew out on me. I didnt wait to see what was there, just ran back to my seat & shook. (published by Loren Gallian)Capitol Theater, Connecticut

10. Gunntown Cemetery, Connecticut

I am 33. I grew up in Middlebury and my aunt and I went to Guntown before iphones and all of that stuff. We had the old school vhs video recorder that you had to hold on your shoulder and a little cassette tape recorder that my aunt pressed record and put a little doll on a young girls grave. So we get home and reviewed the VHS which my aunt STILL has.

There is a RED outline of a man with a lantern CLEAR as day and when we reviewed the cassette tape a little girl’s voice came through saying” LOOK MOMMY’ talk about creeps. I was also told that Lorraine Warren will NOT go to that place ever again because she said that it is on of the most EVIL places she has ever been. (published by Erica)10. Gunntown Cemetery, Connecticut

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