With Halloween is coming soon in few days, people are searching for places to scare themselves silly, so here is our list of “top 10 most Haunted places in Michigan”

1.Pere Cheney In Michigan

Pere Cheney In Michigan

Go to Pere Cheney is easier said than done if you are not familiar with the roads up there in Crawford County / Roscommon. The cemetery is located in the middle of no where. The only way back in there is a two lane digging deep ruts.

If you have a low-set car, do not bother driving there. People hear voices and witness child shadow. There are reports of sightseers finding hand-prints on cars from children who died in the area.

2. The Paulding Light

shadow of a railroad worker

The legend of the Paulding Light. Also known as “The Dog Meadow Lights” People have reported seeing these mysterious lights for 40 years. People reported that the shadow of a railroad worker who died while trying to try to change tracks, or an Native American man dancing along power lines.

3. Old Presque Isle Lighthouse, Presque Isle

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

The real haunting come from a different lighthouse keeper, George Parris, and his wife who passed away. Visitors hear voices and foot steps sometimes when they visit this lighthouse in May to October.

4. Henderson Castle ( Kalamazoo city )

Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo

The staff at the castle have reported experiences as shadow of Vicente Del over the years, there are cases of the unexplained till now. A former manager who stayed in the castle every night Livingstone-McNelis said on numerous occasions that a presence walk up and down the stairs, a move that happens to her on the stairs during a night.

5. Traverse City State Hospital

Traverse City State Hospital

“My family stayed at the hospital when my Dad was very sick. We stayed there about two weeks. My sister and brother saw a man walking a dog outside. They turned away and when they looked back, there was no dog just a man walking by himself. When I was down in the basement heading outside with my brother and sister, my phone that was inside my purse, started playing a song on my playlist, calling one of my girlfriends and then my phone just locked up and I couldn’t turn off the music. We heard noises there all night long. My brother decided to sleep in a Lazy Boy in one of the bedrooms instead of a bed one night and something swung the seat around and started pulling the blanket off him. It was a very creepy stay.” Reported by Jennifer.

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