1. The Lemp Mansion.
Visitors say that at bed and breakfast you may experience cold spots, electrical oddities, vibrations from the floors, feelings of sorrow, tapping on your shoulders, , a vague feeling of being watched, a piano that plays a single note sometime at night. Patrick one of visitor stated: ” I decided to stop by here with my kids and took a picture of them in front of the mansion. After zooming in on the photo, what I saw was very clear and creepy .”

2. Hotel Bothwell ( City Sedalia )

Hotel Bothwell

Lynn reported that “I worked as a maid at the hotel for a year and in the basement in the maintenance area a man most definitely brushed passed me and a young woman bare footed wearing an old time long white night gown was walking around in basement on the cold concrete in seance of something or someone.”

Another former worker said ” I was 14 working at Bothwell from 1969 to 1972. I was 14 and operated the elevator as well as bellhop for the guests. I remember strange things on all seven floors. Back then each floor had a corner “apartment” where permanent guests lived, and all the rooms on each floor ending in 1 (301,601 ETC) ALSO had permanent guests. I still remember their faces, but the names escape me. They were all old. 60-80s and seemed retired. T men mostly smoked pipes and a few cigars were on the 1st floor lobby everyday where the ladies all wore perfume.”

3. Avilla, Missouri


Dave said, “My team and I took shot a Halloween special with NBC KY3 in 2012. We have made much of the history of the city and even found some really amazing things. We also received authorization to certain places. Had an interesting survey. The bad part is when KY3 returned to get additional photos of the city, some members of a church called the station and fired visualization. It is a shame that some people could be so ignorant not to let people enjoy or learn the history of the region”.

Moreover, a warning for ghost hunters go to Avila: The area is dangerous at night. Most people with a sense moved far away, long ago, and only fools stay. They could be tweaking to methamphetamine, or owned by Johnny Rotten, but whatever you want to believe – the danger is real in Avilla. Better stay away from this cursed city.

4. Missouri State Penitentiary ( Jefferson City )

Missouri State Penitentiary

Former pharmacist Shelly Hodge worked here as a nurse back in the 1990’s. She worked nights. At night, while doing pharmacy work you would here rattling chains, doors slamming, and sometimes unexplained voices. She worked here over 2 years and heard this many, many times.

5. Pythian Castle ( Springfield City )


Katlyn reported in March, 2015 that :“We were at the Pythian Castle on a private investigation one night when we were about to enter the steam tunnel we had a male voice saying, “Get Out”. The strange thing is that we went down in the steam tunnel. When he was a man saying get out. We do not know that we had a break until we home. The same night my sister and I were in the room the tower ask questions when my sister got his ear blown in, I looked out the window spacing when suddenly my sister down the stairs. I was in the tower room by myself. Today, my sister does not remember how she did it all down with the stares ripping. Everything private investigation we go to my sister does not want to get to the room of the Tower to face him fears. When we were in the boiler room to the entrance of the steam tunnel we heard a pair high heels down stairs, but we were top remember there was no stairs in the boiler room and  ‘There was nobody wearing shoes heels Highs this night. In the Green Room behind the theater of my camera battery was almost dead sister, but she said she had instructed her work. After that, we went into the living room, sat my sister checked again and complete it charged”.

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