Top 10 most haunted places in Texas that you must know in 2015.

1. Baker Hotel – Mineral Wells TX

Baker Hotel
Recently a worker, who worked as a maid in the hotel, reported that on several occasions she found glasses in the room with red lipstick stains on the rims. This took place at times when no one was staying in the room. Ronny manages tours of the building on weekends who reported being on the 7th floor re-setting an electrical breaker to the Christmas lights, which continuously tripped every night during display.

2. Presidio La Bahia – Goliad TX

Presidio La Bahia
Michael Connelly reported he investigated the Presidio in July 2010.
” I did an EVP session in the Chapel to try to make contact with the spirit of a monk who has been seen. I did not know at the time that Colonel James Fannin had been executed right outside of the Chapel. I took some pictures and asked to speak to anyone who was there. Because it was a hot July day I prepared to leave the chapel when suddenly the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I felt the temperature drop at least 30 degrees. I switched my recorder back on and said what I was experiencing and then said “Is that you Col. Fannin? When I played the recording back I heard a clear response stating “I’m here”.”

3. La Carafe – Houston Texas

La Carafe
The most recognized ghost of La Carafe is that of Carl, a former bartender at the historic downtown Houston bar. The apparition of Carl is most often sighted peeking out of the second story window, though some patrons have reported his presence elsewhere, by visual manifestation, unexplained noises and/or a general strong feeling of being watched by unseen eyes.

Footsteps are sometimes heard coming from the upstairs area, also associated with La Carafe’s ghost of former employee Carl. Cold spots have been reported and objects seem to move of their own accord, or at least with the help of the spirit world.

4. Spaghetti Warehouse – Houston TX

Spaghetti Warehouse
The ghost stories begin when a young doctor accidentally fell into the open elevator shaft and fell several feet to his death. His wife, traumatized by grief of the sudden death, died about a year later. It is said that these grief stricken lost souls, especially the doctor’s wife, haunt the vast restaurant, rearranging furniture, leaving dishes and silverware in disarray, and tapping guests on the shoulder or pulling their hair. Diners have also spotted floating objects and cool, clammy breezes. Many of the employees at the Spaghetti Warehouse have stories of their own-some are even afraid to venture upstairs. This haunted place is not far from Houston City.

5. Littlefield House Austin Texas

Littlefield House Austin Texas
The proof of haunted by the original mistress of the house Alice Littlefield. She is variously reported to have been either insane or possibly agoraphobic, whatever the case, it appears that she rarely left the house in life and it is claimed that her ghost still haunts it to this day. People claim to see and hear her ghost restlessly roaming the upper stories and some claim that she will occasionally play the old piano that is there.

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