6. White Sanitarium Wichita Falls Texas

White Sanitarium Wichita Falls
In 2009, several Wichita Falls ghost-hunting enthusiasts spent some time checking out the former sanitarium. They invited a local television journalist to document their adventure. One member of the expedition later reported on a legend- and ghost story-probing web site that the TV person’s video camera quickly lost power despite a fresh battery, as did the audio recorders they took inside the old building. The boo blogger said that during their visit they felt as if they were being watched, experienced occasional rushes of cold air and chills, as well as a general sense of “heaviness.” They also heard a child’s voice, but no children were present.

7.The Grove – Jefferson TX

The Grove
Patrick Hopkins, one of the property’s many former owners, was getting ready to finally open the restaurant, when a lady in white walked down the hallway into the powder room and never came out. When the powder room was checked there was no one there at all. During Patrick’s time, a waitress was also suddenly attacked by a black and white dog while walking out of the kitchen into the hallway. After she regained her composure she ran back to the kitchen to get help. No dog was ever found in the property.

8.Bragg Road Ghost Lights – Saratoga TX

Bragg Road Ghost Lights
Whatever the light is, its presence, or the thought of its presence, has been powerful enough to generate enough interest to make sure the Ghost Road remains as it is, an important part of Hardin County history. The road has an illusion of a forest – a closed canopy green tunnel of pines, oaks, sweet gums, hollies and other hardwoods, with an understory of wax myrtle, arrowwood viburnum, titi and buttonbush.

9.Victoria’s Black Swan Inn San Antonio Texas

Victoria Black Swan Inn
Rivera ( owner of this Inn ) said she believes these and other supernatural sightings may have resulted from the bloody Texas-Mexico standoff known as the 1842 Battle of Salado Creek. We hear her talk about strange occurrences that have affected the lives of her family and friends since she bought the property in 1987. Voices, for instance, have yelled at her and others to “get out; get out now!” One man remembers an even more malevolent threat ; “I’ll kill you,” he heard a spirit warn.

10.Stewart Mansion Galveston Texas

Stewart Mansion Galveston Texas
Some say the dogs are shape shifters and will shift into unseen shadows. People are sometimes aware of the smell of a wet dog they cannot see, hear low growls as they are walking or will feel breathing on the back of their necks.

Those “Top 10 most haunted places in Texas” are well know till today.

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