Wisconsin is best known for its cheese and the Green Bay Packers. Wisconsin also have some haunted places. There is top 10 most haunted places in Wisconsin below.

1.Retlaw Plaza Hotel
The ghost ( former hotel passed away ) likes to turn on the water and lights, scream and make noises. “My husband and I were trying to find a hotel to stay at on our wedding night (this was back in 2007) We checked out a ton of hotels, but felt this one was a little creepy. We got the feeling that it was haunted not just by how it looked, but also how it felt. It had an eerie feeling in the elevator, hallways and rooms. My husband and I both saw the curtains move in one of the suites that we looked at. We got the feeling that something made it move and it wasn’t us b/c we were not even near it to bump it. We got out of there as fast as we could.” Reported by Tracy in 2014

2.La Belle Cemetery
La Belle Cemetery
“I’ve left lived in Oconomowo my whole life. I’m 14 years old and love to go to that cemetery. Every time I go there I always get the chills. I always feel like someone is watching me. I go to that statue every time I go. I have never seen blood, but somethings not right when I go by her. There was  time when I took a picture of a friend by an old family friends grave and if you zoom in a lot you can see a faint black face in the background.” Wrote by Pamela. One of most haunted places in Wisconsin

3.Cornell Public Library
Cornell Public Library
Reports indicate that the basement of the old building, where is the bathroom, was once a prison. Witnesses described a feeling of oppression at home in the basement. One of student said, ” I have heard creepy sounds. My friend and I would go to the library and sit at the kid section (which is by the basement door) and our internet would stop working or it would be very slow. I used to go there to check out books and movies and use the internet.”

4. Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen
Rumors said, “The owner of the bar that once stood where Dairy Queen is now found the building’s haunting to be too much of a trial, so he sold it.” Former worker also reported, “I used to work at both the Appleton Dairy Queen stores from 2005-2011, alternating shifts between Oneida street and Richmond. I’m not too sure about the details of which building is haunted but I can say I’ve experienced strange things at both locations.”

5.Elk Mound Tower ( City Elk Mound )
Elk Mound Tower
Visitors have reported screams, howls, laughter, eerie lights, unexplained mists, and a nauseated feeling after visiting. Kara Edington, who live in Elk Mound City said,”I have never really felt nauseous. Although I agree I have felt a little weird when I was at the tower”

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