2016 has been an extraordinarily brilliant year for horror movies so far. Already enthusiasts have gotten to view Southbound , The Conjuring 2, Hush, Baskin, The Witch and The Neon Demon to identify a couple, and there are lots of more spooky films in store over the the next couple of months.

In addition, it consists of some truly fascinating and original pictures that hook the crowd only from their exceptional assumption, although the upcoming slate comprises a number of sequels. Obviously, there’s definitely going to be a great deal of good to revisit for Halloween.

From the new Ring picture to the next picture from Fede Alvarez, here are a few of the horror movies to anticipate in 2016.

Among the political horror franchises in recent memory is in time for the 2016 election. Returning to the franchise is. James DeMonaco is back as director and writer for the third time, and thus the film will probably be equally as ridiculous, over the top, and weirdly amusing as ever. Let’s only trust it’s closer in quality to Anarchy than to the first Purge.

Horror Movies: ‘Leatherface’

It’s been quite some time since we saw a great Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Could Leatherface be the one to bring back the show to greatness? Teen Leatherface might seem terrible, but perhaps this movie can also if Bates Motel could pull it away? Let’s expect so. It’s anticipated to be released before the end of 2016, although the movie doesn’t have an official release date.

Horror Movies: ‘Rings’

With an all new episode, the Ring franchise will return after an 11-year absence this October. It’s seemingly a direct sequel to The Ring Two instead of a reboot, although Naomi Watts will not return. Paramount will become their new yearly show that Paranormal Activity is over and is hoping this will be a big hit. Can Samara support that many sequels? And so crowds still care relating to this franchise? Rings will allegedly eventually be hitting theatres this October, although it is often delayed several times already.

Horror Movies: ‘31’

31 is Rob Zombie’s latest film which he crowdfunded online, and it has been compared by the director to his 2003 hit. Critical reaction was mixed to negative, with many feeling it is not especially original, as is the case with most of Zombie’s work. Horror-centered factory outlets like Bloody Disgusting have typically had more positive things to say about 31 so it looks in this way will be one that appeals to the horror community but has essentially everyone else turning away in disgust. Seems like a Rob Zombie movie very well.

Horror Movies: ‘The woods’

Though his name is not too recognizable among general audiences only yet, Adam Wingard has been responsible for some of the best horror movies of the previous few years, including You’re Next, V/H/S and The Guest.

Both the plot description of his latest, The Wood and the name, is exceptionally generic: it follows a group of teenagers who go into the woods when…poor things occur. That’s around all we know, and the official preview is quite cryptic. But much of Wingard’s work has entailed putting a creative twist on well worn stories, so there is certainly more happening here than what’s on the surface. And how refreshing is it to have a horror movie’s advertising not give away the whole assumption?

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