There are some matters that can be set into a horror movie that will forthwith help it become creepier, and one of those things is unquestionably a child. I understand that sometimes that can get cheesy or cliche, but when it works it really works. Here Top 5 Creepy Children In Horror Movies that you must watch before you die

1. The Twins — The Shining (1980)

The ghost of these twin girls who were killed by their father with an ax after he went crazy aren’t essentially evil or bad, they simply want a playmate. But, their mode of language, the random way they get closer and closer to us, and the quick flashes to them bloody on the floor of the hotel room would creep out any movie watcher, let alone poor small Danny Terrence who had to watch it all directly.The Twins — The Shining (1980)

2. Toshio Saeki — Ju-on: The Grudge (2002)

Weak body, white skin, and eyes black as death; Toshio is the ghost of a young boy whose mom and cat were killed by his dad in rage. He is taken to the afterlife and follows his precious mother, helping her spread a grudge curse on anyone who steps foot in the house. And you hear his blood curdling meowing or when he sitting at the edge of the bed, your skin will surely crawl every time.Toshio Saeki

3. Samara Morgan — The Ring (2002)

The glare of a tortured and distressed young girl who haunts a video tape and died in a well, killing the casualties who watch it is terrifying. Her dead eyes stare through her stringy black hair almost instantly into your very core and her cloudy, grayish skin is repulsive and frightening. Every time she’s on screen (even for a minute), your heart sinks, and when she eventually crawls out of the television, the amazing special effect is overshadowed by the overwhelmingly creepiness of her.Samara Morgan

4. Noah Wiseman — The Babadook (2014)

Noah starts strange and off distressed, because of the passing of his father. But, after a bedtime story about a creature starts taking over his mom, he gets creepier and creepier. He appears to have a peculiar comprehension of this nature that is grotesque, but also fear of the babadook. When the film finishes, he is strangely content in a way that no one would ever want to be around and basically gives into his distressed personality and the babadook.Noah Wiseman

5. Eli — Let The Right One In (2008)

A young girl (or as she’d say “I’m not a girl”) has a bloodthirsty secret: She is a vampire who wants blood to live. She doesn’t wish to kill, but it really is shocking and violent, when she does, notably in a scene where she rescues a boy from a group of bullies. The creepiest thing is that her fundamental actions and manner of her blood lust, her quiet stares, and speaking are so well portrayed without saying a word.eli

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