I had never lived in Oregon before till 2015, things happened to my family and we move to Portland, Oregon. I spent only 7 months before moving to other state again. What interested me the most, and that I found Top 7 Most Scariest Haunted Places in Oregon.

1. Oregon Vortex – Gold Hill

Oregon Vortex – Gold Hill
The Oregon Vortex is in southern Oregon, near Jacksonville. People to the vortex have seen Lister standing at the old log cabin. He is usually seen resting against the wall, laughing and plucking his eyebrow. The visitors have asked the guide the identity of the man who somehow got ahead of the tour. One tour guide looked inside and recognized Lister from an old photograph. After the quick look, no one had seen Lister again. When the tour guides have deep looked inside the cabin, Lister disappeared. Most of visitors and tour guides leaving the cabin by the back door would have been seen.

2. Shanghai Tunnels – Portland

Shanghai Tunnels – Portland
People believe that a spirit of a woman. Her name is Nina that haunts the area is just below the area of the pizza parlor called “Old Town Pizza”. They also believe while walk the tunnels in Portland that they have heard moans, talking, screaming, and even the sound of crying. Sometime they have a difficult time finding their way out. This one of most haunted places in Oregon that public on news and media

3. Oregon State Hospital – Salem

Oregon State Hospital – Salem
Many ghost hunters who visit the ruins of the buildings and tunnels feel the suffering presence of evil all around. Footsteps and wailing can be heard echoing when they are alone, and doors shut and open for no reason. The voices of “help” can be heard leaking from the walls at times. Most people claim they feel like they’re being watched.

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