We’ve seen a handful of other paranormal investigation shows before ( ghost hunters.. ) , but none of them compare to Ghost Adventures. Zak Bagans, Nick Groff ( now he left ) and Aaron Goodwin are the investigators on the show and they all did fantastic job. The following list below will tell you ten of GHost Adventures lockdowns since 2009.

1. Preston Castle
Preston Castle
The top spot has got to attend Preston Castle, once a home for America’s most violent underage offenders. With its turrets and gargoyles it’s like one thing from a gothic horror film, however the scariest issue was the result it had on Zak. Once egg laying flowers on the grave of Pakistani monetary unit Corbin, a house servant apparently dead on the premises, he gave the impression to be possessed by her spirit. Not in a very comic Exorcist-type approach, however in a very quiet, stony-faced, extremely quite creepy form of approach. Run away, run away!

2. Ancient Ram hostel
Ancient Ram hostel
The gang headed over to the united kingdom to go to the traditional Ram hostel, situated on a pagan burial site and apparently haunted by a succuba. Or, within the words of the inn’s brunette owner, “something that wakes you up within the night, eager to get it on with you”. You’d assume Zak would are up for that, however the strange headaches, alarming growls and morbid apparitions weren’t specifically causative to romance.

3. Officer Mackey’s Music World
Officer Mackey's Music World
The terribly 1st episode of Ghost Adventures was set in officer Mackey’s Music World, aforesaid to be the haunted nightspot in America. The boys started as they meant to travel on: howling in terror. Not that we tend to blame Zak for cry plenty, as long as an odd entity torus claw marks down his back. “It’s like burning,” he call. And then, just in case we tend to did not get that, he aforesaid it once more. And again. It had been like burning, apparently.

4. Winchester Mystery House
Winchester Mystery House
Built by eccentric heir wife Winchester over thirty eight years, the Winchester Mystery home is a labyrinth of strange staircases, secret passages and corridors that lead obscurity, at the side of no fewer than a hundred and sixty rooms. Being cornered within gave the impression to create Aaron go slightly funny – or maybe he was possessed? Either approach, it freaked Zak out, and also the internment was eventually known as off. Later, it clothed Zak’s grannie had died that very same night, round the same time he’d got thus upset within the house

5. Villisca Axe Murder House
Villisca Axe Murder House
In 1912, within the city of Villisca in Iowa, a rich family and 2 youngsters staying over for the night were hacked to death in their sleep. The killer was ne’er caught. Unsurprisingly, their absolutely preserved handmade for one amongst the foremost alarming lockdowns in Ghost Adventures history, with the boys hearing voices oral communication “I killed six kids”, “You’re gonna quit blood” and “Wanna play?” candidly, it is a surprise they did not all run screaming into the night.

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