So I’m sitting in my living room playing my Pokemon. All of a sudden my cats start going bonkers and howling, I brush it off as nothing. Then they stop and I go back to my game, a few minutes pass and then the weird kicks in.

A voice sounding like it’s outside my front door crying and calling for help. It sounded like a little girl. It didn’t sound like sadness, but a malicious undertone. It was eerie. After the voice stopped for the first time, my cats were all together at the front door, which is uncommon and they don’t get along most of the time and they were all hissing in unison.

This went on for about 20 minutes and it just ended. Right before I just came on here to post, I went outside and and it was silent, no sounds, no wind, no bugs. I did have a feeling of being watched, but I brushed it off and went back inside.

Right now I’m just sitting here trying to comprehend this. Like I have no clue what the hell just happened.

Interesting, but can be explained rationally.

One explanation:

-Cats going bonkers: a reaction to some external stimulus which you did not perceive. Could be anything really, including people outside.

-The voice: someone outside, including possibly a girl. It could also have been coming from a TV, radio, smartphone – e.g. someone walking outside playing something on their phone. Hey, maybe the cats heard this before you did which is why they went bonkers in the first place.Empty Room 1

-Cats getting together at the door: again, they’re reacting to this stimulus. The fact that it is uncommon that they do this might coincide with the uncommonality of the stimulus, e.g. it might not be every day that someone walks outside crying for help/moaning/playing some weird video on their iPhone, etc.

-Silence after you opened the door/feeling of being watched: potentially this was just your perception reacting to the weirdness which you felt was going on. When we hear a strange sound/see something strange, etc., then everything that immediately follows that raises our suspicions and makes us feel differently about innocuous things.

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