Story number 1
I am a firefighter. We had multiple kids from my town all commit suicide via train within months of each other, we responded to each of them. There was nothing we could do, except pick up the pieces. It will haunt me until the day I die.
That happened in my area a few months before I joined the fire service. I was always glad I dodged that bullet. However, in December of last year I responded to a hit-and-run at about 10:pm and was there until after 3:am. Two fifteen year-old boys were killed walking in the cross-walk on their way home by a man who was evading arrest. He was traveling so fast they were thrown easily 100+ feet, and the road rash wore their skin down to their bones and their fractured limbs were evident. One boy was killed instantly, the other died in the hospital. As we were blocking the public’s view of the DOA’s body, the thing that stuck with me most was the steam coming from his pool of blood. I’ve never enjoyed coffee like I did after that.

Story number 2
My Father recently passed away – and he wasn’t found for about 8 to 10 days after he passed. I was the first person the Police told when they found his body, and they needed somebody to identify the body before they moved it. I made the choice to do the identification of his body, rather than have anyone else in my family have to deal with it. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve even done, and it’s haunted me everyday since. Since that day I can’t really close my eyes without seeing how my Father ended. I’m glad that I did make the choice to not let anyone else in my family see him that way – I simply told them that it looked like he was sleeping. I really misjudged how well I could handle it – and I’ve just started looking for a counselor to begin to help me.
A Dark And Lonely Road
Story number 3
A few years back, my best friend went in for open heart surgery. he had been through 5 before, so I expected this one to turn out the same as the others. his family called me a few days later, crying, telling me to go to the hospital to say goodbye. When I arrived, i went into the room where he was located. he was unable to reply, his ability to communicate was gone. It was so haunting to me because I sat there thanking him for all he’s done for me and how great he was, and he couldn’t reply. I’ll never forget that day.
Story number 4
Couple of months ago, majority of people in my town were woken up around 1:am by a police helicopter.. It was flying over my house and I could hear shouting. I couldn’t sleep it was so loud, so I went on Facebook & twitter on my phone. There was a lot of people giving out about the helicopter & how “whoever they’re trying to catch should just give themselves up”.. Found out the next day that a friend we all knew well / went to school with had committed suicide & that the helicopter was trying to find him & so were those running around shouting his name (these were family members & close friends). They were expecting to find him hiding somewhere or stop him before he did anything, but the police found him too late. I know that everyone, including myself will be haunted by the fact we were all awake that night when he killed himself.
Story number 5
The worst day of my life has to have been the day my dad died when I was 8 years old. It will have been 15 years ago, on the 17th. I will forever remember getting off the school bus and and walking down the street to my house, wondering why there were so many cars in my front yard. As I was going up the steps, my dads best friend and work buddy was crying hysterically and pulled me over and gave me a hug, he just kept telling me he was so sorry. After he let me go, and i entered the house, all the lights were off, but I could see my mother in my dads recliner, and her friend, our preacher, and I think maybe someone else in our living room, I was just so confused. My mother got up and walked me down the hallway to her bedroom, it seemed to take forever to walk those few feet. She finally explained to me through tears that my daddy had a massive heart attack while at work and was now dead. I asked if that meant that I would never see him again, and she said yes. The period of time after that was hard.. I remember telling myself at night that daddy was just working late and I would see him tomorrow, then I’d tell myself the same thing the next day. Every time I think of my father, I just remember walking down what seemed to be the longest hallway of my life, and hearing the worst imaginable thing. Time doesn’t always heal all wounds.
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