It’s late at night, and curled up in bed you waken suddenly. You’ve heard a noise, a door shutting. Footsteps, going down the hallway.. Well, there’s only one thing. You know you’re alone in your home. But are you? Nights on end this occurs, and pretty soon you have yourself convinced that there are spirits, ghosts, in your home. You maybe frightened. And that, is where they got you. 

A few tips before you go and hire the Ghostbusters crew, and if follow these, Casper should be on the run, or at least a little more respectful.


First, don’t assume its haunted.  Until you’re certain, it really can be just your home making noise. Or even a small animal. A small mouse on a lose pipe can sound like a banging door. Especially if it’s in the basement. Second.  Once you’ve finally gotten confirmation that it is a spirit, try to find out two things, what it is and what it wants. If it’s a positive, don’t show fear, explain to it, the situation. Ask it to leave. Make a firm stand that this is Your home, not the spirits. Whatever you do, remember your energy will feed both a positive and a negative entity. Fear is not your friend, especially… If it’s a negative, then PLEASE seek a professional.

This is the best case scenario. The everyday person is not equipped to deal with a negative or demonic. Don’t sage, read Holy passages, or use Holy emblems, until you’ve sought a professional. That’s why they are Professionals, they are better equips and can handle these things in a more safer and positive way. And again, remember your fear and negative energy will only feed it, and make it more powerful.

Photo by Sarah Nienaber

If it’s neither of these, but more of an energy based situation, try this, say a small, simple prayer, to whatever belief you may have. Burn some incense, usually Frankensence, and Lightly use a white sage bundle to do a smudging. Walk your home, including the outside if possible, and it will help banish the negative and depressing vibrations and energies. Place a few stones, Tigers Eye, and Agate, Amethyst throughout your home, and they too will help soak up the negative waves, and be more grounding.

Spirits are usually not harmful to the living. In many cases, they don’t even know they’ve passed on. With a better understanding, you can help them move on, or in some cases, live with them.

Blessed Be.

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