I am the second and middle sibling out of all sister’s. My family moved around a lot when I was younger and some of these properties, homes were haunted. My mother had a love for horses so we rented places out in the country. One such place outside of Ivanhoe Minnesota, had a couple of documented death’s, one of a child who fell in the old calf barn, the other was of a older man who had died of a heart attack on the property. Next to the house stood a huge black walnut tree, where I had found a black cross with a skull and cross bones on it. You could tell it was made this way, very creepy!!! My mother told my dad that when we were at school she could hear a child playing up in the old calf barn and nobody was there. The scariest event that took place there was when my mother said she seen a rotting corpse walk into the barn! My father had to go investigate who was in there, he found nobody.

Verdi Minnesota

When we moved to a little town called Verdi Minnesota, we had rented a house whose previous owners had gone mad and broke every window in the house. They had lost their teenage daughter in a car accident. I could not sleep in the house for the longest time, something wasn’t right! My younger sister Maggie had to sleep in my room because she also was scared. Objects would end up in a pile in the middle of the kitchen. We had a room dedicated to a toy train, which would go off on its own! There was a stain in the woodwork on the top landing of the stairs, that look just like the Devils face! My little sister said she had seen the teenage girl who had died, standing near a window at the top of those same stairs

Ever since I was little I know that I could sense things that others could not and it kept my family from a grizzly find one time. We were in Saint Paul Minnesota for the fireworks. At around 7 years old I stopped my family from going down a path, because I know something was not right! We found out on the news that there was a dead body down the path!!!

I am a empath, I can feel people’s emotions their energy. I also can sens and communicate with others that have past on. This can be very draining physically and emotionally.

Rochester Minnesota

Where do I begin, I have so much to tell, so I guess I will talk about the must profound experiences. About 10 years ago I was faced with a spirit that needed my help to move on. When you are in the same space as an intelligent ghost, the energy is a static charged feeling and the atmosphere is heavy! Dealing with one spirit is not the same as many at the same time, like I had encountered at the Mayo hospital in Rochester Minnesota. I went in for a procedure and in a small waiting room I found myself surrounded by many spirits, some of these souls had been there for quite some time. This was so intense that it made me cry, because not only did I feel their pain, but I felt threatened and overwhelmed! The dangerous part about it, was when I left that certain area and began to walk towards the elevators. I was being choked and had to get out of that building!


The most beautiful experience I had was actually in church, where two Angles stood right behind the pastor. They were bright white and pure energy, I felt absolute love, peace, joy, hope and calm unlike anything ever before! They were so beautiful, so beautiful! I had not seen wings or facial features, but I know exactly what I was experiencing.

Native Americans

Spirits can take on many forms, as the Native Americans believed. While praying and meditating one evening, I was surrounded by Black birds, Crow’s and Ravens. They were all facing me, looking at me. I was in complete disbelief as to what was happening! Truly this was AMAZING!!!
The question remains, Why?

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