Why do ghosts need clothes?

1. Assume ghosts can control their appearance. if they’re spiritual or energetic beings with control over when/how they appear why wouldn’t they hold on to cultural norms that they bought into in life? being clothed/looking good is a pretty common cultural norm.

2. Assume ghosts are time impressions, or residual hauntings. Then why WOULDN’T the clothes show up? its part of the imprint right? its what ‘really’ happened when the imprint was made.

3. Assume that ghosts are just psychological projections. If ghosts are a product of the mind, then it’d be expected for ghosts to be in clothes…most of the time.

4. “My guess most people don’t walk around their house naked why would a ghost? Unless they are a nudist… Not to mention, as a ghost it must still get cold. haunted houses look very chilly”. Said by Kelly.

Ghost in the building

5. “I have a friend that communicated with a ghost last week while working at a hospital, thinking he was communicating with a patient. First of all he is not a doctor there he actually just works on the machines and equipment for the hospital. He was on call and was called in about 2 oclock in the morning to work on some machine in a room. He said he walked in the room, noticed a elderly woman he said was probably in her 70s, lying in the bed asleep. Nothing out of the ordinary so he just went on business as usual working on the machine he was called in to repair. After a few minutes he said she seemed to wake up and asked if he was her doctor. He said “no mam do you know your doctors name”? She said “i cant remember”. He asked do you know how long youve been here? She says “as long as i can remember.” So he said i’l go ask the nurse at the desk for you who your doctor is. So he goes out to the desk and asks the nurse who the ladies doctor is in room 438. She checks the chart and says theres no one in room 438. He says that there is because he just talked to her. She says again ” no we dont have anybody in that room”, so they both walk to the room and sure enough nobodys in there. The beds made like nobody was ever there. They checked the rooms around there and she was not there. My friend is not someone who would make something like this up. When he was telling me this i could see he had goose bumps on his arms. As for clothes she was wearing a hospital gown he said.” Reported by Victor

ghost faces

6.”I have a friend who used to do Ouija boards for years. He asked that question to a spirit on the board and he was told that “they wear what they died in”. So I guess they wear the clothing that they died in. Also, spirits have a body like us, its just an energetic boy. The whole universe is energy. Everyone has energy/aura around them and when you die the energy is still alive. Your spirit, you now have an energetic body and no longer a fleshly body. They have hands and feet and everything else just like we do. That cold feeling when they come around is death. When you die your body gets cold and that cold feeling when they come around is I believe to be death” Said by Kawasaki.

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