Ghost Adventures. Why I “hate” it.

Ghost Adventures. Featured on Travel Channel is popular ghost TV show that people and fans have been enjoy it in many years. My old roommate in college also love Ghost Adventures so much. She is fan of Aaron GoodWin, thus forcing me to watch it with her sometime in the weekend. For many the reasons she or other fans like. Me. I hate it.

ghost-adventures crew

I hate it cause they’re “idiots” ! Super idiots! They think they know ghosts or demons, but they don’t know anything, and these are the people we’re trusting to contact spirits? It drives me crazy

And I hate the provoking thing. Cause then they say or it keeps encouraging the idea of evil spirits, which I don’t believe in at all. Spirits are not evil or naive. They are ASKING spirits to hurt them, attack them. Why should they be surprised if they are actually hurt?


And the other reason it frustrates the hell out of me is that sometimes it really does seem real, but they layer it all in the creepy music, images and long history and whatever to give you that enjoy spooky feel, which I hate, cause its hard to tell what is fake and what is real.


I also hate that they tell you what the sounds are ( they need to fix it soon ), cause I think I start to mentally fit the two words. Often, I just close my eyes and listen to see if it is anything.

Furthermore, I hate it because Nick left the Ghost Adventure and got his own show. I don’t think Nick are doing good now. Last but not least, I hate it but it is funny to watch and I don’t see other Ghost TV Show that makes me enjoy like Ghost Adventures.

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