As we know on media news that paranormal investigators Mark and Debbie Constantino ( featured on Ghost Adventures ) found dead at home. Mark and Debbie were a featured on Ghost Adventure TV show on Season 4 and 7, Many of fans were surprised with this news. Some things must be said because they were messing around with demons.


According to the Reno Gazette Journal, the dead paranormal investigators had a long history of domestic abuse. Police was first called to an apartment in Reno at 6:30 a.m. When they arrived, they found a man dead inside the home, Lt. William Rulla said.

Zak Bagans, host of Ghost Adventures, called it a “dark day” when he got this news in September and tweet it on his account. Seems like they were having problems for long time. They seemed so happy on the show those times as we seen it on TV.

What happened to most of Ghost Hunter? Aaron ( Ghost Adventures ) said on Facebook that working in the paranormal adversely affected him. Since working with the show, he and his wife divorced. Moreover, Nick also left the show when season 11 begin. It just seems as though the 3 main Ghost Adventures all discussed dealing with the paranormal caused then to suffer in their lives.


Chrissy George ( one of Ghost Adventures fan ) said ” For what I can understand sounds like a attached spirit because they only go and do adventures they do clear there body’s from this because if you go to places like this can follow you I clear houses also cut cords from attached spirits its just not all mediums do this may never here about it. Abuse could be the attached spirit but you never see it in the news people think its crazy well its real it happens if you don’t get the help stuff tragic can happen. “

This should be a “warning” to people not to play around with ghosts and demons. Hope they rest in peace

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